An experiment indeed...

An experiment indeed...

Governmental experimentation gone insane.

Chapter 1 by Brickhouse Brickhouse

The government, after much discussion and deliberation, have finally agreed on a system to prevent more minor crimes, though such a system needs testing on select groups of people, these people will be visited by officers who will then confiscate their clothing, then have them brought in for marking and identification, this will include being given new IDs in the form of bodily tattoos on the chest, back and on both outer thighs, as well as having a remote tracker installed as to keep track of the subject, to prevent them going off of the grid, effectively skipping their punishment.

These tattoos will deny them certain rights, chief among these being the right to wear or purchase clothing, shoes are exempt from this only in extreme circumstances, otherwise though they are just as illegal, hats and other head wear, as long as they do not protect the modesty of the wearer, are permitted, as well as certain types of jewellery.

However, upon looking at the list of test subjects that are to be essentially taken in then "released into the wild" there are certain things that stand out that seem slightly suspicious, for one, the list is mostly female...and a couple of the subjects don't seem to have criminal records, having been put down for incredibly minor offences that aren't even fine worthy.

The list reads as follows...

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