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Chapter 19 by Blackhand Blackhand

So now you fuck her, right?

Fuck Her Through The Wall

You steady your hands against the wall. It's strange having a sex with a woman without being able to put your hands on your body. It throws off your rythem at first, because you can't even see her body in movement. But, in time you develop the ability to form a rythem of your own without her feedback. All she provides is a constant squelching sound from her penetrated pussy.

As you fuck her, you listen for a sound through the wall. On a few occasions, you hear what can only be moaning from the other side. But, whether the voice at the other end is Ami is impossible to tell. It's too muffled. Too distorted. She certainly can't tell that the grunting is coming from you, either.

The rythem builds. In this moment you concentrate totally on your own pleasure. Her sensations and reactions are too distant. You set a pace that keeps you constantly stimulated. In fact, you're not even able to tell how hard you're fucking her. To you it seems like every blow must be falling on her like a hammer, but her sex remains in place for you to abuse.

The feeling rises. Your shaft is twitching. You're going to cum soon. There isn't a question about pulling out. This entire ordeal's purpose is to seed her with more potent sperm. Your partner doesn't withdraw either. You groan out loudly. A blast of white hot sperm flushes into her, seeking her womb.

You stumble back gasping. Through the whole, you see her pussy once more, now filled with a ball of oozing white cum. It only lasts for a second before it, and her entire body, vanishes from the angle where you can view it. You sigh and position yourself outside of any location where you can be seen either. You try to listen for the sound of rustling clothes, or even speech from the other bathroom. Nothing. She hasn't said a peep. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes.

After awhile, you grab your pants and pull them up. She doesn't appear to still be in the stall. You duck down and look but she still remains out of sight. Later, outside the bathroom stall, you wait for another few minutes. Just to see if the girl's room door opens. But, it remains motionless. In fact, there isn't even anyone else in the hallway. She must have already left, perhaps even through the ground floor window. You sigh and make your way out too. As you do the thought hit you again and again, like waves against a beach. Growing ever more all consuming. You have to know if it's worked. She's been seeded so many times now. Now, probably, even through direct sexual contact.

You have to know if Ami is pregnant...

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How to find out?

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