Size Matters

Size Matters

A young man has an obsession

Chapter 1 by idahoboy idahoboy

Adam rushed into his room after school. His dick was already straining in his pants. It seemed like it was getting harder and harder to make it through a day of school without jerking off. The young man had taken to blowing a load in the toilet at lunch. Today, he couldn't find an empty stall before the bell rang.

The boy dropped his pants wrapped his hand around his four inch dick. He beat it intently as he watched a video of man shoving his ten inch cock up some slut's ass. The whore was moaning for more, begging to stuffed with more. When she turned around to suck his load out of the big cock, Adam lost it and blew a few small spurts onto his hands.

Adam sat in his post orgasmic haze, still staring at the video. The woman was worshiping his cock, which had just been up her ass. She slobbered up and down the length, then held still as the man grabbed it and smacked it on her face a few times. He then gave his big cock a few quick strokes and unloaded on the bitch's face.

The image called out to Adam. He wanted to be adored and worshiped like that man was. But he knew he never would. His little dick was no match that man's, and no woman could admire a man that was so inadequate. Adam began slipping into a depressing mood when he saw an ad next to the video.

The ad showed a teen girl gasping an even bigger cock with a look of shock on her face. The ad read "GET A BIGGER COCK IN HOURS." Adam had fallen for plenty of scams before. They usually did nothing. One had made him sick to his stomach. He told himself he too smart to fall for it again. But as Adam stared at the ad, at the girl's face, at the long, thick cock, he felt a calling to the ad.

Does Adam click on the ad?

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