What will you do to keep a secret, and how quickly can things spiral out of control?

Chapter 1 by Genericc616 Genericc616

You are Ellie, you are 5" 7 have wavy red hair that go just past your shoulders, that highlight your emerald colored eyes, a cute button nose with freckles either side, Perky C cup breasts, you are 18 have just finished High School, and thanks to her wealthy family, and the good grades, you are set to go to one of the best Colleges in America, hell possibly the world if you begged enough. You've never really had to worry to much at School, you had the looks, the money and brains, much to the Jealously of one or two of your friends.

You have just arrived home where, your parents have left you alone for the weekend, and where you plan to party to celebrate your graduation with your friends, of course not being 21 you cant go out to a club or bar, but your daddy has a nice wine cellar, and as long as you avoid any of the super expensive bottles he wont notice if a few were to go missing. He did make you promise not to get too wild, but never specifically said no alcohol. Your friends are also resourceful so you dare say between you and them there will be plenty to drink which should help the party atmosphere. You also ended up promising a favor to your twin brother for his silence, and absence from the party. While he was fine for keeping quiet for free, when he found out that also meant not being around the house, with your most likely very drunk friends, then he required convincing. God know what his favor will be, most likely it'll be something like trying to get him a date with a friend, but then again he can be perverted sometimes, so you hope that he'll just have you play match maker. He's good looking enough you guess, so it shouldn't be too difficult convincing any of your friends going out with him, he is your brother so you've never really looked at him that way before, but you have to admit he takes good care of himself.

There is one rule you wouldn't break and that was because of how strict you parents about it, and that was you were absolutely forbidden to have any boys over, maybe they said this as they knew you might bend the rules about the Alcohol, but you knew if you parents even suspected you or any of your friends were getting up to anything in their house, then you either be dead, or wish you were dead. You could kiss goodbye to the easy College life, and they'd probably make you stay in State, which wouldn't be the worst, but you wanted to get away from your family so you could party and not have to worry about their disapproval. Your friends were a little disappointed when you told them of that rule, but you promised them that there would still be booze and there plenty of stuff you can do without boys.

After seeing your brother off, he was heading over to a friends house, where he'd most likely also be partying, or playing video games all night, you ran upstairs to quickly shower and then to pick out something suitably scandalous to wear, you'll show your friend Tanya that you're not some goody goody spoiled princess. Tanya is a friend you've had since middle school, she always made you laugh, and always made you loosen up and have fun, your parents always joked about how she was a bad influence she was, mostly because she'd tease you for only loosening up with her help, and how you never did anything risky or naughty in case you got into trouble. Now while she is only teasing you, it does bother you and you do tend to try and show off in front of her. After carefully selecting a sexy thin black thong, you then wondered if you should even wear a bra, thinking back to Tanya's teasing you decide to not bother with one. With underwear sorted you select a suitable short backless red dress. You apply a little bit of make up and check yourself out in the mirror, "looking good girl" you think to yourself as you do a twirl in the mirror, and smacking you're ass with both hands and giggling. "thank god for discreet packaging and online shops" you say aloud, knowing that there was no way your parents wouldn't have a fit if they saw some of the clothing you bought yourself for college.

You're just putting on some tall heels, as your phone goes off on your bed, you walk over and see that its a text from Tanya saying the gang was almost all there and they got the "goods". Well that's a relief, you assume goods meant a few bottles of spirits and maybe some beers, while the wine was an option, there was the risk of accidentally drinking or breaking the expensive stuff, as the night went on, knowing there is more stuff available, you could just take a few bottles, and not tell your friends where they're kept, there now you don't have to worry about breaking or drinking the expensive wine. You carefully head down the stairs towards to front door trying to get used to walking in heels.

"Hey Bitch!" Tanya shouts and she hugs you after you open the door, you laugh off the fake insult, and greet the rest of your freinds, after some more yelling and hugging, you show your friends inside and help Tanya with the several bags she brought, and drop them in the kitchen next to the bottles you pulled out of you daddy's wine cellar. You quickly count up the bottles, you got twelve bottles of wine, 4 bottles of vodka with some soda for mixers, a few boxes of beer, and finally a couple of bottles of tequila. considering there's only 6 of you there should be plenty.

"You ready to Party?" Tanya asks, you look at her, she also opted for a scandalously short black body conscious dress that showed off way more skin than you'd feel comfortable with, she has her blue dyed short hair and her trademark black lipstick and many piercings, yup she was rocking that punk look well. Her dress were also highlighting her very ample DD's, she was gifted, with curves in just the right places.

You realise you have been checking out Tanya just a little longer than you could pass off as not staring. You smile and yell "Lets Party!!!"

"Lets Party"

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