Fantasies of Ilustoria

Fantasies of Ilustoria

The Twisted Tales of a strange realm where fate leans toward the erotic.

Chapter 1 by ErisAphrodite ErisAphrodite

Welcome to The Library. Not a Library like any you've known, no. This one deals in certain stories pertaining to the Legends of a specific realm--Legends that delve into details unfit for the prudent public. But they are no ordinary tales. These tales are much like the tree their paper was cut from, branching out at every possibility their Heroes meet. But enough of that, there are Fantasies to be had!

The Heroes of Ilustoria are not many, but of the few, those whose tales are befitting of this library are as follows:

Princess Xalendra: The young Maiden of Castle Xolstice, whose porcelain skin and hair of golden sunlight would be enough to make anyone swoon, and whose slender curves would make them do even more.

Sir Orus: A brave knight who serves his kingdom by taking the more unusual quests his people need completed, who's earned an impressive physique in the process.

Vivia the Rogue: A proud adventurer with copper locks and a healthy tan, who never stops searching for her next interesting job, and isn't shy of danger.

Whose Tale do you read?

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