Create-A-Wrestler Reboot

Create-A-Wrestler Reboot

Sex Match addition

Chapter 1 by anty45 anty45

By Lilguy31
Welcome to the Mixed wrestling league. It is a wrestling league where fights are run by the traditional pin fall or sexual battle. First one who cums loses, or sometime it is last person standing. First one to pass out loses. There a couple of belts. The mixed belt champ, The Tag team mixed belt champ, The woman’s belt champ and the tag team women’s belt champ.

Here where you come to pick a character mode. You choose if its female or male. You can choose if it’s a bad guy or a good guy. It wrestling terms it’s Heel (bad guy) or Face (good guy). Then pick what she looks like. Then you pick the most important part. This is her personality or gimmick. Everybody have one. Your character can be an evil cheater or a nice virgin girl who plays fair. It is your call. There also a section with pre made characters.

There's also a league in Asia, created by the original creator Lilguy31. You can check it out here-

Characters who are important in the Universe.

First every girl from WWE, WCW, ECW and other wrestling matches. Also every guy to. Here the new character though

Tanya Mchvan is the owner of the Extreme league. Ruthless and sexy. She is 40 years old but still manage to be hot. She is a cold hearted bitch who know how to use her money and power.

Lisa Mchvan is the spoiled daughter. She is a wild child who like to show off her body. She use to getting what she wants. Maybe someone should teacher her a lesson. She is 20.

There is the Tag team woman champs. The Dixie Bitches are a cow girl group. Their names are Daisy and Tulip. There two sexy blond with busty bodies and who loved to wrestle. Daisy is older and 5.8. Tulip is 5.5 in pig tails. Their good girls but high on the kinky side. They also sleep with each other. They tend to go for other belts though.

The woman champ is Stone Cold Kim Austin. She is a tough Texan with a love for leather. She can sometime be a heal or a face. It probably depends if you’re a bad guy or good guy.

Simone is the mixed champion. She is a sexy black woman straight out of Africa. She is a heal. She also 6.2 with a bad attitude and a sexy super model body.

The mixed tag team champs are Riot and Thunder. They both hard rockers and bad guys. Riot is a pink hair sexy rocker. Thunder is a big dick biker with long hair.

The announcers are Scot (the horn dog) Stevens and Debbie Dallas. Scot is a horny old midget and Dallas is a sexy red head porn star. Also this story in third person. If you pick a male you will have a choice of a second person option.

There are terms that may or not be brought up. It depends on the writers. Here are some terms in case they come up.

A Jobber is someone who loses a lot. To get some one over (to make them a star sometimes a well know character have to lose to then. That’s called Jobbing. For instance someone may say Undertaker should of won he totally jobbed. A guy who does it a lot if a jobber. Consistent jobber generally B level guys who are there to make the A level guys look good.

A faction is a group of people that stick together for good or for evil.

A feud is when two people or two factions that go at each other as rivals. They can go after each other through out a storyline.

Screw job when someone gets cheated or ripped off. It when the ref doesn't catch something or when a face turn heel. It basically when someone gets screwed.

A signature move is a person own move that he or she thought up. It is normally used to finish off someone.

This story you may be fighting made up character or real one's from the WWE, WCW, BLOW, or others. You also can tag team with them or create someone to tag team with. The choices all up to you

Author note- has new links and premade female badgirls and premade tag teams, and premade good girl section

These are links to already create women


also added stuff to fight links

Like a MIXED fighting section with scenes of mixed sex fighting

Editor's notes:
This is basically the same story from the old one, with the same characters and same backstory, but with different stories and possible different relationships this time round. I will give credit to who create who and I had been given permission from the creator of this story to reboot this. This is just attempt to bring back a favorite story that me and many others had enjoyed writing over the years that sadly didn't make the transition from the old site to the new one.

2nd Editor's Note:

I notice this has been a issue for quite some time. If you any issues or questions about this thread, or see something like plagiarism. Let me know by PM me personally and I will take care of any concerns you may have, as I don't look on the forums very much and I can't really do anything once I have as I have access issues with the forums, but I do check this site once or twice a day for any new developments

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