Another Multiverses Ubiquitous Scandals Explicitly Detailed

Another Multiverses Ubiquitous Scandals Explicitly Detailed


Chapter 1 by v9 v9

Greetings traveller,

Welcome to our stories of mystery, intrigue, adventure, excitement, comedy, badly written sex scenes, horrific grammar, badly thought out plots and switching

The Edverse is inconceivably vast with infinite variations of the world we know. Each choice we make creates branches to alternative reality which differ from each other to varying degrees from small differences like the colour clothes you are wearing while reading this to the world where you read naked. The universes which have a black US President to the ones where she is Hispanic. In some you may have an oversized cock, in others a micropenis, others a vagina, others you were blessed or cursed with both.

In some strange realities the world is made of jelly where custard is mined to feed the masses. There can be fewer moons in the sky than we're used to with some having only one airless one rather the five garden worlds we know and love.

There are darker realities we dare not speak of, the crimes of Omicron VII are so vile they cannot be spoken of directly but were largely the result of step family porn becoming the norm in real life as well as the virtual. There are some where the sex beasts of Vegan IV won the war and enslaved your kind ensuring you spent every moment in orgasmic bliss so they could feed from your very soul.
In the most extreme worlds you were born as something called a Human, these violent amoral creatures did not know the Light of Bernathra but had been created by God or evolved from hairier versions of themselves depending on their reality.

These stories explore many of the exotic realities and potential lives led (some perverts even write about humans!), enjoy and please contribute to the gestalt.

Join us as we explore some of this strange twisted realities, All Hail Bernathra and good voyeurism.

What universe do you want to follow?

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