A Multitude of Unusual Sexual Exploits Described

A Multitude of Unusual Sexual Exploits Described

Amused by a variety of stories and themes

Chapter 1 by v9 v9

Greetings traveller,

Welcome to our stories of mystery, intrigue, adventure, excitement, comedy, badly written sex scenes, horrific grammar, badly thought out plots and switching POVs.

The Edverse is inconceivably vast with infinite variations of the world we know. Each choice we make creates branches to alternative realities which differ from each other to varying degrees from small differences like the colour clothes you are wearing while reading this Chyoa page to the world where you have chosen to read naked.

These stories explore many of the exotic realities and potential lives led, please enjoy and we hope you contribute to the gestalt.

Join us as we explore some of these strange twisted realities.

Good voyeurism!

What story do you want to follow?

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