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Chapter 10 by dingsdongs dingsdongs

What happens next?

Heather's anger vanishes quickly

Heather glared at Adam, she was angry. "Uuggh! Get off of me!".

Adam was still flustered from the shower incident, so all he could think off was to comply. He quickly untangled his limbs and stood up.

He looked at the girl below him, who was still on the floor, but had pushed up her upper body into a sitting posture. He could see a busty Latina who was wearing a very revealing variation of the school uniform.

On her feet she wore heeled pumps, followed by white over-the-knee socks. Her thighs were bare and her skimpy school-skirt only barely blocked the view to her panties. The fabric of her white cropped blouse did not cover her exposed midriff, and showed ample cleavage at the same time. Only a single button right below her bust-line kept her cardigan closed, so that it could not cover up anything either. She had green eyes that flashed with anger and her face was framed by shoulder length curly brown hair.

Heather took a good look at the man who had toppled her to the ground. When she saw the buldge in his pants and the outline of his dick even past his waistband, her anger vanished in an instant and was replaced by the sweetest smile.

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What's next?

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