The Ring of Time

The Ring of Time

After a great war, many years later someone finds a ring that lets them alter time.

Chapter 1 by CreativeBuilder CreativeBuilder

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The camera starts panned out, you can see the whole of earth from space, but in the place of land you see great rolling planes of fire.

A long time ago all-mighty ancient beings had sacrificed themselves in order to save the known Universe from a foe long forgotten.

With a sudden boom of light, like a shock wave coming from the center of the planet you feel the shock as it travels through and past you. The earth is peaceful and the ever in-crouching darkness of the void pushed back, you can see stars that you didn't in the distance.

With their energy combined it was enough to push the darkness past the vail until now...

The camera zooms down to a pawn shop in a small suburb, upstate New York.

What was not known is that from combining their energy, item's of power were created and spread all over Earth. This is where our story starts, when our protagonist comes across a glowing ring with roman numerals around it.

The camera tilts around from over their shoulder to look at them from the front.

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