The Djinn's Notebook

The Djinn's Notebook

A wish for every stroke of the pen

Chapter 1 by TheCanadian TheCanadian

It was a dark and cold Halloween night and Lydia was walking in an alley outside of her apartment. She was your typical Goth with the white pale skin, black lipstick, and dark mascara. She wore a low-cut black sheer shirt with a red bra underneath that cupped her perky C-cup breasts, and black skinny jeans hugging her every curve. A 21-year-old senior in college and knockout to all straight guys and some lesbian girls, however, she was depressed and alone. Every relationship she had been in thus far, has left her with nothing but either disappointment or heartbreak and her family was far from supportive. While walking around, she came across a hole in the wall shop called “The Witches Paradise”. She saw various candles burning in the window surrounding an old wooden stick shaped like a wand. Over the door was a dream catcher with a pentagram and 6 skulls of dead rodents hanging underneath.

“Hmmm, that’s strange…”, she muttered. Oddly intrigued, she entered the shop and heard the tell-tale chime of a doorbell hanging from the top. As she walked around, she could tell very quickly that this wasn’t your run of the mill magic shop. She didn’t see your typical magic potions or, so called blessed items from your typical phony street salesman. Instead she found a huge book shelf with old dusty books. She picked up a couple that were filled with ancient writings, but the one that caught her interest was a large black book filled with blank pages.

“Can I help you?”

Startled, Lydia turned around and saw a short skinny guy that stood about 5 feet tall with spiked hair, wearing a long black coat, and a tattoo of a cobra on his forehead.

“Oh, uh--sure. I was just curious. I was looking at your books here and I noticed that this one had no writing in it.”

The boy took the book from her hand and studied it for a moment. “This is the Djinn’s Notebook”, he sternly stated.

“Djinn’s notebook? As in, it grants wishes?”

“Precisely. About a thousand years ago it is said that an ancient Djinn was awoken by a king in Saudi Arabia. As a ruler, the king already had all the riches and glory he ever wanted, but he was not the best looking man of the land, and even though he could force any woman he wanted to have sex with him by law, he wanted to be desired. His one and only wish was to have all his sexual desires fulfilled. The Djinn granted his wish by enchanting one of his scrolls. He was granted any wish he desired as long as he wrote it within the scroll and it was of a sexual nature. The scroll could not alter free will, however, he could change his physical appearance to make himself appealing to anyone he desired. Some say he even brought inanimate objects to life to aide in some of his bondage fantasies. Since then, the scroll was cut into pages and bound to that very book in your hands.”

“This guy’s a fucking perv,” Lydia thought. “Any sexual wish huh? Sounds like a valuable item to just leave on the shelf. Who are you anyway?” Lydia smirked. He sighed.

“The name’s Caleb. You’re free to try it out--however, I’m not responsible for anything stupid you do with it. I only ask that you don’t do it in here.”

Lydia’s expression changed from sarcastic to intrigued curiosity. “Wait, so you’re saying I can just have it?”

“I didn’t stutter,” Caleb rolled his eyes.

“If this book is what you say it is, why would you just give it away?” Lydia asked.

“Don’t worry about it, just consider it a gift.” Caleb started to walk away.

“Wait, is there any rules or specific way I should ask wishes? Do they backfire or anything?”

Slightly annoyed, Caleb turned around. “No, just be careful what you wish for and it won’t backfire. It reads your mind, so as long as you have a clear thought in your head of what you want, you should be fine.”

“How do I know that? If it works and doesn’t back fire than why don’t you use it?” She demanded.

“Fine.” He took the book from her and began to write in it. All at once, Lydia’s shirt began to unbutton itself while her jeans unzipped and shimmied down to her ankles.

“WHA…WHAT THE FUCK?!” Lydia screamed as her hands were bound by her shirt. Her black slippers jerked her feet forward, causing her to fall on her ass. She screamed again and her jeans and black panties took the opportunity to fly off of her along with her black stockings. Once her bra unclasped and flew off, her shirt released her wrist and flew off as well. The seemingly living clothing was again inanimate on the floor around her.

Lydia crossed her arms and legs and sat in stunned silence when Caleb shoved the book in her face pointing to the text he wrote:

I wish this hot girl in front of me was completely nude

Her face went from horrified to a look of pure death as she stared back at him.

“Now that you know that it works, why don’t you stop with the dumb-ass questions?” Caleb said as he tossed the notebook back down next to Lydia and walked to the back of the store. In a desperate attempt to cover herself she grabbed toward her shirt, but it puffed up and floated away from her.

“Hey!!” She shouted.

“What now?!” Caleb shouted back at her. He turned around and saw Lydia jumping toward her shirt. “I wished for you to be naked! If you want to undo my wish, you have to make a counter wish!” Caleb yelled and rolled his eyes.

Lydia stared at the book for a moment and then went to pick it up. She took the pen in the notebook and wrote:

I wish to undo Caleb’s wish

Immediately, her clothes sprang back to life. She hovered off the ground, dropping the notebook. Her stockings flew up and rolled onto her feet, shortly followed by her panties and jeans. Her bra then snapped back into place as her shirt flew onto her arms and buttoned back up. Her slippers then walked underneath her, and whatever force was holding her up eased her into her shoes. She silently grabbed the notebook and ran out of the store.

Although Lydia was pissed and humiliated her mind was racing with possibilities. Just the mere thought of the power she now had in her hands made her horny as hell. When she got back to her dorm she quickly locked the door behind her, bit her lower lip, and began to write her first wish into the notebook.

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