Secret Dominatrixes

Secret Dommes discovering Subs

Chapter 1 by Sfmm22 Sfmm22

This story will provide a bunch of different scenarios of woman in the workplace who unbeknownst to everyone are secret dominating bitches. There will be points of view from both the secret dominants and their equally secretly submissive male co-workers or in some cases bosses. Basically the scenarios well primarily drive the type of fetish that will occur in the story though of course certain fetishes will be universal.

A few examples of the ideas that will be played out in the scenarios are gonna be a young secretary whose primarily at the office as a front where her real business is dominating pathetic slaves like her boss who thinks nobody knows about his visits to a professional Domme. Then the good old MILF of a high school English teacher who enjoys teaching by day and enjoys showing weak willed submissive men much like certain students or faculty the power of a dominate woman. Perhaps that same teacher even takes interest in mentoring a young dominant woman who has yet to realize the full extent of her power over men. Or even the female cop who is tired of being demeaned by not only the male officers but the men she is locking up.

Though perhaps maybe there is a need to experience the story through the eyes of the submissive man trying to keep his desires hidden from everyone else. But our dominant ladies of course will be able to sniff them out in a heartbeat.

Which workplace Domme?

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