Giuliana Benedetti

Giuliana Benedetti

A Vindictive Italian American Wife

Chapter 1

Giuliana Benedetti looks at herself in the full body bathroom mirror, all 5'7" of herself. The light olive skin she inherited from her Sicilian ancestors is the hallmark that sometimes gives her Italian ethnic background away. She runs her smooth hands all over her body, trying to understand why her idiot of a husband Giuseppe isn't satisfied with the Italian Duchessa he has waiting for him at home. Her body is tight and lightly muscular like an athlete, yet, also features killer curves in all the right places. She has that thick Italian ass that still grabs all men's attention when she walks anywhere, even after having four daughters at a young age for that ungrateful piece of shit and being a 30-year-old stay at home mom now, her ass still gets attention. She's glad to have had her figure bounce back from each pregnancy she's had. In fact each time she would recover it seemed her daughters would bless her with favor from Aphrodite. Her ass would get rounder, firmer and thicker, whilst her soft teardrop watermelon tits got more voluptuously buxom.

Still looking at herself, she can't figure out why Giuseppe ignores his beautiful wife and his loving daughters. Back in the day, she was her Italian Stallion but had grown into a fat, lazy, pathetic excuse for a man who somehow can't even get hard for her. However, she's learned something that has made her livid beyond belief. Something she could never forgive him for: cheating with another woman. Not just any woman either, but an ugly, used up old whore who looked to be in her mid 40's with fake tits, botox-filled face, fake hair extensions that can be seen from a mile away and silicon lips that look like they're about to burst.

Giuseppe probably thought he was sneaky. What he doesn't know is that his wife still has deep connections all over the city from the days they both did favors for the mafia. Whilst Giuseppe squandered his connections by being the dumbass that he was, but she fostered hers, sometimes into full fledge friendships, never knowing when the day may come that she might need their help.

'That motherfucker is going to learn what it is to cross me!' She thought to herself as she looked into the mirror with her hazel eyes.

"Ever since he got me pregnant at 15 I've been by his side. Through thick and thin, through all the crap the girls and I have suffered through because of him! Yet, he goes on to pull this shit! Enough is enough!" She shouts as a few tears escape from her eyes. Having made her peace with God as a devout Catholic, she prepares to get her vengeance.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi, I'm Ben Rosewood. You might remember me from smut stories such as School Drop Off and Morgan's Lunch Break. Recently I've adopted Giuliana Benedetti so expect regular updates. Be sure to like and comment on your favorite chapters. If you enjoy my work, please consider checking out my Patreon. Every little bit is truly appreciated:

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