School Drop Off

School Drop Off

Single Dads are Hot Bait

Chapter 1 by daciasdesire daciasdesire

Spencer Askren leant down and hugged his daughter Amy goodbye. “Be good in class today sweetie. I know you will crush your physics test,” he told her before giving her a kiss and sending her off.

“Thanks Dad,” Amy replied. “Don’t forget I have softball tryouts this afternoon,” she told him as she left the school drop off area and made her way to the entrance of Carter Junior High School.

Spencer leant against the side of his silver Mercedes SUV and took a sip of coffee from his insulated mug. He always made sure to watch until his daughter had gone up the steps and disappeared into the building. Amy was the closest reminder he had to his late wife Kirstin. It had been almost six years since they had lost her in a car accident and he still missed her every day. Amy was growing up to be more and more like her mother with every passing year. The similarities were stinging at times.

Spencer and Amy had left Washington D.C. where he had worked as a lobbyist and moved to upstate New York. Despite being a senior partner in his firm, the capital remined them too much of Kirstin and their previous perfect life together. In sympathy for his grief, Spencer had been given a very generous buy out package, along with some life insurance, that had allowed him to effectively retire at thirty-eight. They had spent a couple of years close to Kirstin’s parents, Amy’s grandparents, before Spencer had bought an old foreclosed farmhouse, needing to do something with his time and his hands.

That was two years ago and the renovations were practically done. Not having to work, Spencer had thrown himself into his role as a sole parent. Cooking, cleaning and driving Amy where ever she needed to be. One thing he couldn’t bring himself to do was date again. He loved Kirstin too much for that.

Being a wealthy, handsome and caring father however, had meant that Spencer was hot property at his daughter’s school. The mothers, upon finding out he was a widower and therefore single in their eyes, had taken every opportunity to introduce themselves to him. Flirting in subtle and not so subtle ways. The school morning drop offs had turned into a feeding frenzy with unfortunate Spencer the bait.

Spencer to his credit had declined all offers. He’d received each of the mothers’ phone numbers in time and kept them solely should he need to contact any of them in regards to Amy and their kids. Still they wanted him to join with them on the PTA, help with excursions, the numerous sports that Carter Junior H.S. offered.

Perhaps today would be the day they finally accepted him as one of them. Spencers hopes were dashed however as he saw one of the mothers quickly shoo her children away and make a beeline to him.

Who is it and what does she want?

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