Galley of Pain

Galley of Pain

Slaves spend their lives working on the oars

Chapter 1 by Carlurvile Carlurvile

Rebecca, Amy and Amber laughed as they walked up the plank of the wooden ship.

"No way!" Said Rebecca. "Check out the oars! This is a galley slave ship. I have to check it out."

The other two rolled their eyes at their History Major friend as they stepped foot on the deck. A handsome shirtless man passed in front of them and Amy smiled.

"I'll be checking him out." She said elbowing Amber.

Amber giggled. "Wow. This is way more detailed than the brochure. Do you suppose we need to get tickets or something?"

As the three were talking a man approached them. "Ladies. Ship is off limits unless you are here for passage." The taller man said.

Rebecca quickly answered for the group. "We are here for passage. Where are you headed?"

The man took off his pirate style hat and smiled. "We are headed to a local island a couple days sail from here. Beaches are excellent and they have a market that deals in rare trading." He looked the three up and down for a moment. "Passage will be $100 American a piece."

Rebecca reached in her spring break cash and forked over all $300 quickly. "I'll get this ladies since this is all my idea."

Amy hesitated for a moment. "Are you sure you want to do this for the next couple days? Our break will almost be over by the time we're back."

"Too late now." Said Amber. "They've pulled up the plank. Let's have some fun anyway."

What type of fun do the three get into as the ship departs?

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