Amazing Curiosities and Marvels Emporium

Amazing Curiosities and Marvels Emporium

Find what your heart desires in this mysterious shop.

Chapter 1 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

This is a strange shop owned by an old man. The place looks old and is filled with items that would amaze or confuse most people.

Things like those that could be seen advertised at the end of old comic books, x-ray googles, telepathy helmets, sea monkeys, monster eggs, transformation devices, time stopping watches and much more...

The only difference is that any item found at the ACME actually works. Although not always exactly as the customer would think it will.

The store even has a catalogue to order by phone, no one understood how the delivery man could arrive at your location just as you hung up the phone, nor why it seems to disappear after you order something.

Just like the store itself, each person finding it will swear it looks like it had been open for decades but will find a vacant place with an other name on the door if they try to return to it, with the neighbours telling that it had been so for years.

The store is cash only, but the prices are not always limited to the content of the label. The old owner refuses to answer any questions about it and it has a sign that indicates that each customer can only buy one item.

The bell over the door rings, there is a customer.

Who is getting in the shop? And how did they get there?

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