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Chapter 2 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

Who is getting in the shop? And how did they get there?

Lucius Banewyrm and Lucrecia Moonshadow, 18 year old Warlock and Witch in training. Searching for power.

note from the author: the first two chapters will be in 3rd person and get back to 2nd when a choice of character to follow is made.
Of course those are not their real names, Luke and Lucille Winthrop are twins, born in a middle class family in the suburb of a medium sized town. Their life was boring. The two siblings had a lot of imagination and could resolve themselves to accept that all of the magic, fairy tales and adventure they lived as children, playing in the woods fighting monster and throwing spells didn't exist in the real world.

Luke grew up to be a nerd, unremarkable body, inexistent social status; focused only on video games, role playing, tracking hints of real occult powers online and porn (well girls, but it's easier with porn than in real life.). He is just a tall and skinny blonde dude with a reputation of being weird.

Lucille went the same way in a sense. Embracing a goth look she dyed her hair black with purple reflects and dress in black clothes all the times, she proclaims herself to be a Witch publicly and keep a small diary with the name of every one that wronged her. Her secrets rituals to curse all of them remain without effect (except that time Gabriella Torres got a zit on her forehead the day of the school photography, but things like that can happen without curses.)

Today both of them are out together, something rare these last years as they rarely hang out together. An exception is made when one of them find some real magic that necessitate more than one person, but they only have failures to their record.

Luke received a rather cryptic message on a forum on the occult and when he asked his sister she told him that she had the vision of a great power coming to them.

Deciphering the message got them here in front of Amazing Curiosities and Marvels Emporium after an hour of a bus ride.

Their eyes lighting with excitement they enter the mysterious shop.
They are amazed at the many items on sale some they recognize but thought mythical other on which they have no clue.

After splitting up and looking around they spot something wonderful on a shelf and grab it, only to discover that they bold hold the same item.

What did they just find that they both want to buy?

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