Escape the island
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Chapter 3 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

What did they just find that they both want to buy?

An old dusty book.

Ars Arcanis Majorum the grill of the occult community, a manuscript of the 12th century collecting most of the spells and rituals know in Europe and some more brought from the Eastern world after the crusades.

"Ah a good book this one, not an easy reading but very useful. Are you interested to buy it? " asks the old owner of the shop who approached the siblings in silence as they played tug of war with the old book.

"Yes!" reply both of them in the same breath.

"Hey, I saw it first so it's mine! " says Lucille.

"No way Sis, I picked it first. You won't take this from me." replies Luke.

"It's 968,35$, if you both want it it goes to the highest bidder. Cash only. " says the owner.

Both look at each other, none of them has this kind of money even with bringing all their savings for this trip.

"Damnit I don't have enough, I only have 512,20$, how much do you have Sis?" asks Luke after counting the contents of his pockets.

"Not enough either, I only have 456,15$. It's a shame, this book is super rare and powerful. I could have become the greatest Witch of all times. " replies Lucille.

"It looks to me that you have both enough to buy this book. You just have to share it." explains the shopkeeper. Both siblings look confused and realize that the price of the item is the exact sum of the money they have.

"We get it one week at a time and I go first because I pay more. " says Luke.

"No way, one day at a time. You can cast the first spell but I want to be there to watch. What do you say?" proposes Lucille.

"Deal! " he replies. They both give the shopkeeper their money and receive each a receipt indicating that they own 50% of the book and that this invalidates them to buy anything else here under the one item per customer policy of the shop.

They put the precious tome in Luke's backpack and go grab the bus to the way home, neither of them notices when they ride the bus in this street that the shop is gone, leaving an empty spot in its stead.

Who are we following now? Luke or Lucille?

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