A day in wonderland

You awake in a room to a few options. How do you go about?

Chapter 1 by BadUsername1 BadUsername1

You awaken in a strange room in a haze. Your vision is foggy and you become aware of your body, you feel it dragging as you get up to move. You rub your eyes and your vision clears up. Your first sight is the floor below, its a white and black chess floor pattern. You follow it with your eyes up to the wall, its a regal beautiful pattern, a deep red. Something out of a fairy tale palace. You look up and realise there is no ceiling. The room is impossible tall and seems to span upward till pitch black. You turn around to examine the rest of the room. There are no doors, or windows. All you see is a round wooden table with something on it.

You walk toward the table, your body feels groggy and heavy as you move. You wade about like you're walking through thick mud. You finally reach the table and put your hands down on it for support. You look at its contents and see four bottles, each beautifully decorated and filled with a colored substance.

The first bottle is tall, and broad toward the top and filled with a blue liquid that looks like the sea underwater. As you look closer you see the glass towards the neck of the bottle makes out a mans torso, and a little bit of his crotch. You can see the glass work is very detailed and anatomically correct aa you examine it further. The man is fit and... Well endowed.

The second bottle is slender and tall, and features a woman posing seductively. Its filled with a firey orange liquid. The glass work artfully depicts a slender but shapely woman with long flowing hair.

The third bottle is a bit bewildering. Its slender and tall like the second, fit and shapely with long flowing hair like second, except at the crotch level you notice that the figure on it is well endowed, like the first bottle. Its filled with a deep purple.

The fourth bottle is skinny and lithe, the figure looks very androgynous. A seductively posing person, with a nearly flat chest, features a not so well endowed crotch. This bottle is filled with a bright pink liquid.

After examining the last bottle, and admiring the detail that went into each of them, you set it down. You feel tired and weak, and you hang your head down to catch your breath. As you're looking at the wood grain surface, a peice of parchment starts appearing like paper being burned in reverse. When it all appears, ink starts forming as if an invisible pen were writing.

"DRINK ME" it spells out in a wonderful cursive.

Drink Up.

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