Interracial — Asian, African, Latina, etc.

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  1. Scandinavian Conquest by KingSagrell

    5 days ago

    Torun Styiggson is a middle age, local politician of a small town in the Swedish countryside. Popular in his rural home region for his conservative views in opposition to the liberal views of colleagues in more cosmopolitan areas like Stockholm, Torun protested fiercely against motions to allow more refugees into the country, viewing their race and religion as a threat to the country. However, the traditionalist is forced to concede at least a little to avoid accusations of being a facist and racist and in a political gambit to keep the flow as small as possible, Torun opts to allow one young refugee to live with him in his home. This is a tale of the consequences of that choice.

    100% (9 users)
    3 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Male
  2. * Half & Half * by Nemo of Utopia

    2 weeks ago

    Two-Thousand-Twenty-Four: the year of The Waning. At the dawn of Chinese New Year a dark miracle begins: from this day forward every man and woman on earth becomes infertile, crops will not grow, and all wild animals become suicidally hostile and aggressive toward humans. For the next 25 years we study the problem frantically even as the world collapses into anarchy and mass rioting as everyone starves, and at last discover the answer: Gaia has had enough of our shit. She has revoked all her blessings from us, taring the whole human race with a really big brush. But, at the same time that we crack the mystery, we also discover something else: a way to pass beyond the infinitely thin barrier between parallel universes. In desperation we export most of the Ninety Million survivors of the world population onto alternate Earths, but though crops will now grow for them and the animals don't attack on sight, they all remain infertile... Until we meet the natives. As it turns out, humans are still fertile as long as one partner is NOT Human. Before the dawn of the 22nd century the human race has recovered, but there are fewer and fewer humans left. The new generation are all half-breeds with various fantasy and sci-fi races from alternate earths: half-orcs, half-elves, half-Vulcans, half-demons, half-vampires, half-ogren, half-morlocks, etc, etc... The Protagonist is a young half breed, trying to make their way on their home-world as an agent of Imperial Terra. One of their parents was a pure-strain human, the other was: Something ELSE. Recently Turned 18, they are about to embark on sex filled a Science Fantasy adventure!

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    1 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both