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  1. No. You want to tell the President. by salodweller

    Chapter 31 in President Hardcore

    After all, it's your plan. You don't trust Mr. Rydell to sell it properly. So 48 hours later you're sitting in the Oval Office explaining your ideas to the President of the United States. You've met him before, but that was briefly. This is the first time you've ever had a substa...

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  2. Debrief with Mark by amon_Baal

    Chapter 12 in Me and My Kinky Boyfriend

    The remainder of the morning was fairly normal, my mother criticised my attire, my father didn’t say much, though I did catch him looking at me more then normal, though I didn’t know if that was all in my head of not. Then my parents went to work, with me leading the way out of...

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  3. Apologetic, but interested. by amon_Baal

    Chapter 7 in Me and My Kinky Boyfriend

    “You are going to go to a costume party at a house and get fucked by complete strangers?” Miranda asked in surprise. Mark shook his head, “No, we are taking our heifer here to a gathering of bulls to get her bred.” I could not help but moan. Miranda looked at me in surprise, “A...

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  4. Go to breakfast by Zone13

    Chapter 9 in Male of the House

    You and Lily walk out to breakfast together after you both freshen up. Since you spend so much time together anyway it's like both of you are in sync. Lily gets the milk as you grab the cereal off the fridge. Sarah walks in yawning wearing only a red thong and t-shirt. Looking o...

  5. Chris's first Fanging by bryce193

    Chapter 9 in Fangtastic Vacation

    "Man, other then this crick in my neck......I haven't felt this good in awhile" Chris says to himself, right before the door to the back opens. Out comes Linda, with one hand rubbing her head. "Ow....what hit meee...why are you naked?" She responds to the sight of Chris 's bare a...

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  6. Run into Wayne by eval.vmware

    Chapter 16 in The Whittman Society

    As you exit the singles room, Wayne pulls you to the side. "So, howdja like your first outing in the singles room? Saw ya havin' yer fun with Akiko. She's actually a pretty recent addition to the Whittmen, not a lot of guys go for her type of style. But you know, if you like that...

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  7. Filming an episode (A meta ENF) by LiteraryLover

    Chapter 3 in Erotic Entertainment

    Jenna Coleman felt as though the world had slowed down for a second, nearly undetectable, but not quite. One moment she going over her lines as Clara Oswald opposite Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, and now she stood before him as well the crew, completely nude. "Jenna? What- What j...

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  8. You cum buckets by Gleno

    Chapter 7 in Mixed Wrestling Story

    Your about to explode when Loren leans over to your cock so you cum all over her divine tits. She then mounts you and rubs her cum covered tits on your face. You lick it up like it's your last meal. She then install you down and gives you the biggest sloppiest kiss you've ever...

  9. Lick that ass by Gleno

    Chapter 6 in Mixed Wrestling Story

    In that moment you get to live out the fantasies you've had every time you've stared at Mrs Alfredson's ass. You get you tongue deep in her salty asshole. She sits up so your nose is right up her crack. She wiggles her gorgeous bum while massaging your chest, stomach and waist....

  10. No! by Gleno

    Chapter 5 in Mixed Wrestling Story

    You blow your load in Mrs Alfredsons mouth. She swallows it all like it was nothing. She then squats above your face. "you taste pretty good kiddo" Lorin says "now in return I'll let you taste my ass. You always were an ass kisser"