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  1. Association by RebelGinger

    Chapter 3 in Dirty Doctor

    "You see... there's ways to associate the act of sexual pleasure just as much with women as with men. With modern technology and a well stocked toy store you can augment anyone to fulfill your needs." "Wait, so like give a chick a dong and I'm good?" "Perhaps. We will need to t...

  2. Can't Help Himself by RebelGinger

    Chapter 5 in Dirty Doctor

    "What can I say? You're just my type." Dr Dandy smiles at that, his hands hovering just over the still erecting genitalia. He offers another snack and Steven whinces again. He looks down to see Dr Dandy is even smiling! His hands seemingly to caress the young mans cock while not...

  3. An Orderly by RebelGinger

    Chapter 7 in Dirty Doctor

    Was one of the monstrous men who had brought her here. Sarah stood quietly in the corner as the man let himself into the room and closed the door behind him. Taking a moment to look her up and down he smiled brightly. "Good morning I suppose. How're you feeling?" "Fuck you!" "...

  4. Restrained by RebelGinger

    Chapter 6 in Dirty Doctor

    Mmm, such good dreams today. Sarah had been delighted as she skipped through the meadow. She hadn't been there since her mother left yet it was as beautiful as always... huh? Since when did meadows have padded grass? Slowly she thought about it, tried to think through the horrid...

  5. Time to Share by bryce193

    Chapter 5 in Digi Vamps

    Tai awakens and Kari is still laying against him. He can feel his new fangs in his mouth, and he feels better then before. "I told you you'd like it" says Kari staring at him. "You was right sis......I can feel my new vampiric power surging through my body" reply's Tai. "Good" K...

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  6. Give her another 'dose' by Doctorsgirl

    Chapter 7 in Playing With Family V.2

    Becky sits naked on the bed, and I take in the view of her flushed pink body. Her hair was already starting to dry a bit, but all and all she was still sexy. Maybe even more so. "Are you still feeling hot, Becky?" She gave a shrug. "A bit...but not too much." I feel her forehe...

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  7. Catherine by thousand master

    Chapter 2 in Futanari Academy

    ![]( Unable to say no even though the mysterious girl still plagues my mind I decide to go along with Catherine. I start to kind of wonder if Im making a mistake but no matter my somewhat friend comes first. +5 Affection (Catherine) Willpower (-1...

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  8. Because my feelings by thousand master

    Chapter 5 in Futanari Academy

    I look at Catherine feeling slightly ashamed at what I had just done. Why did I blackmail and exploit her? Catherine was merely an aqauintence trying to make me feel better. She did not deserve any of it. But maybe it was because I had urges and that I truly liked Catherine. I lo...

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  9. Cum on her face by thousand master

    Chapter 6 in Futanari Academy

    I'm not sure whether it was her face giving me one last way off redemption or my guilt finally breaking through the thought process of power that had directed my actions now but I relented. I had defiled the teenage soccer star but she didn't deserve for her entire future to be f...

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  10. Katy runs into trouble by fflover58

    Chapter 8 in A Haunted Foot Fetish

    Katy trudged across the mansion lawn, surprised about how far the old man had managed to carry her. Mist had rolled in over the gentle landscape since the girls had arrived, adding an eeriness that made the redhead co-ed even more nervous. "The sooner I find the others, the bett...