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  1. Victoria gets what she deserves, in quite a satisfactory way. by Redford13

    Chapter 13 in Queens of Fur

    Victoria, again, was working up her crotch with her mitten-covered hands, building up her already substantial arousal. Her pussy, however, was craving some human attention, as it had been a while, so she decided to take faith into her own hands once more. Emma had almost passed...

  2. Wake Up Sarah by Zone13

    Chapter 3 in Male of the House

    You decide to wake up Sarah first since your sister is already getting up and you need to get out anyway so that she can get changed, so you decide to wake up your other sister Sarah.getting out of bed you head over to her room. Knocking gently, you didn't hear a response so you...

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  3. Visiting a certain friend of hers. by Redford13

    Chapter 12 in Queens of Fur

    It was actually extremely hard to fit herself into her car, and surely it wasn't safe to drive if you were almost unable to move, but the adrenaline flowing through Emma's vanes defied all logic. She opened the coat and immediately zipped of her little dress. Then her panties and...

  4. The next three floors and an order. by Redford13

    Chapter 11 in Queens of Fur

    'The next floor is for the raccoon furs of the shop', Ricardo said. 'I think you'll quite like them.' As the elevator doors opened, Emma's mouth fell open for what must have been the millionth time this day. Within seconds she was feeling up a ludicrously large coat, which was ag...

  5. Hide In The Closet by Zone13

    Chapter 4 in Male of the House

    You slip behind her and go inside her open closet. Hiding between a pair of her dresses, you were able to hide inside the shadows and get a good look at her, even though not that close. Your sister then began to give you a peek show. Slipping out her bra, she slid her hands down...

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  6. Wake Up Lily by Zone13

    Chapter 3 in Male of the House

    You decide to wake up your youngest sister up fist. She sometimes slept late to read a book or something so you have to help her get up now and then. Walking over to her room, you gave it a light knock. Since you heard no reply, you opened up the door slowly. The inside of her r...

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  7. Let It Hang Out by Zone13

    Chapter 6 in Male of the House

    Not having enough time to cover up, you let it all hang out. That's when your sister walks in and sees your homer standing tall and proud. She looks at it and then blushes. "S, s, sorry about that, I'll go," your sister stuttered as she started to leave. "No, no it's fine, you...

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  8. Tie you up in the corner by Gleno

    Chapter 6 in Mixed Wrestling Story

    With panties in your mouth, Bailey ties you upside down on the turnbuckle with ropes from under the apron of the ring. "Feel vulnerable little boy ?" Bailey asks with a sly look. You nod nervously. "No need to worry" winks Bailey "soon this will all be over and we can have some...

  9. With a bronco buster! by Gleno

    Chapter 5 in Mixed Wrestling Story

    Breathless and horny from the forced brown nosing that you had to endure, you still sit there as you catch your breath. Bailey sexily struts back into the centre of the ring. She takes of her bikini. This comes much to the delight of the crowd. Bailey then runs at you. She lands...

  10. 69 position by superTPG

    Chapter 5 in Mixed Wrestling Story

    You command her to get in the 69 position,she gets in the 69 position,plz have merc mmmm,she saids as you plunge her into your balls,she tries to hold it in,but she couldn't hold it any longer and started to cum,you got up,the ref rises your hand in victory and see your opponent...