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  1. Introduction by Emma

    Chapter 1 in Tara On The Ice-skating Ring

    Tara is a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl and a budding star on the ice skating ring. She is an extremely stunning five foot one inch girl with long brown hair that she lets flow loosely around her face and down to her shoulders. She has an incredible body with long slim legs an...

  2. Introduction by Emma

    Chapter 1 in Little Red Riding-Hood

    The year is 1790; Tara lives in a little village in Germany just outside a vast forest. Just like the well-known fairytale, Tara's grandmother lives deep within the wolf-infested forest, and just like the fairytale Tara has made her grandmother some cakes. This time however there...

  3. Introduction by Emma

    Chapter 1 in Snow White

    The year is 1381, and Tara is a beautiful eighteen-year-old princess that lives in a castle with her wicked stepmother, just like the well-known fairy tail her stepmother is extremely jealous of Tara, but Tara proves to be not so white as snow! When the queen's trusted guard ta...

  4. Introduction by Dark Warrior

    Chapter 1 in New Experiences

    20 year old Darren straightened his shirt as he sat at the dinner table, waiting for his girlfriend, June. The couple had only been going out for a couple of days, but they had gotten along really well, and Darren was beginning to believe that he had found his soul mate. And, mor...

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  5. Introduction by Sourcer1

    Chapter 1 in Nancy's Golden Desires

    Nancy Conners was basking in the warm afterglow of a wonderful fuck. Her fingers trailed down her tight stomach, over her bare pussy mound to run gently over her still engorged clit. She could feel Jim’s cum beginning to leak from her well-fucked pussy and Jim’s eyes as they dran...

  6. Introduction by Emma

    Chapter 1 in The Bridesmaid

    Eighteen-year-old Penny is asked to be a bridesmaid for one of her neighbour's son's wedding. She looks so beautiful and innocent as she tries on her white lace dress in the bedroom that when the groom sees her in 'just her Knickers' he simply has to have sexual intercourse with...

  7. Introduction by Emma

    Chapter 1 in The Photographer

    I first met him when I was eighteen-years-old at Kings Cross railway station in London England. I had run away from home and I was not quite sure of where I was going to sleep that night. All of a sudden, out of nowhere came this tall grey-haired man. He looked like he was at lea...

  8. Introduction by baghdad

    Chapter 1 in Horny Plumper

    The nightclub is packed tonight, you can hardly move. Every direction you turn you bump into someone, rub against them, they rub against you, but this just cann't be helped, and you know inside you love it! Your body loves it! It's been so long since you were involved in any type...

  9. Introduction by ghostsex

    Chapter 1 in Residence Evil

    "Fool! It has been too long!" The demonic voice echoed round the tiny house in Chelsbay. In the living room, flames crackled, yet strangely failed to burn anything. Leicester O'Donnell cowered before the cruel entity standing there. "Mercy, Master... Mercy!" "NO ME...

  10. Introduction by Emma

    Chapter 1 in Steve's New Bride 'Emma'

    Steve couldn't believe his luck. He had only known Emma for a year now and today he was getting marred to her. She was beautiful, only eighteen years old, with long flowing brown hair and a body to die for. She was every red blooded mans dream, a glittering prize. As they both...