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Chapter 9 by JohnLocke4 JohnLocke4

Does Jen Help Or Just Wait?

She Blows You

"Look I just took a shower so I don't want to get messy again." Jen said looking at your hard on,

"Alright I'll try to aim just into your mouth." You said focusing on your speed,

"I know you would but...look I just want to get this over with and go to bed so let me just...suck your dick." Jen said looking around your room avoiding eye contact.

You stopped jerking off and looked at her shocked, "What did you say?"

Jen looked at you directly this time, "Let me just blow you than we can just go to bed alright."

"Alright, If you thinks that's best." You said, Jen didn't reply she just crawled in between your legs and lowered her head onto your head. You closed your eyes as you smoking hot sister started to suck your dickhead. "You're-you're pretty good at that." You admitted as you let out a pleased sigh,

Jen let your dick pop out of her mouth, "Thanks I guess, I mean I did have some practice."

"I'd imagine so." You said with a smirk,

"What's that suppose to mean?" Jen said slightly offended,

"I just meant that you're a beautiful girl and I know you had a lot of boyfriends." You said, Jen seemed to relax and began to stroke you again,

"Yeah I guess I did. I gotta admit though bro, you've got the biggest dick out of all of them." She said with a smirk,

"Well you uh got the best mouth out of any who's given me head before." You said with a bit of a chuckle,

Jen let out a small giggle, "Thanks." She said than lowered her head back onto you. This time you could feel your sister change up her style. It felt like she wanted to do this now rather than she had too. You laced your fingers through her hair and lightly began to push her down. Jen didn't fight back she moved along with your push and pull on her head. This was all to much knowing that your sister was actually enjoying sucking your cock. You began to shoot ropes of cum into your sisters mouth. You looked down as her face as you did and saw her eyes bug out slightly surprised by the amount you were able to cum.

As you finished Jen sucked out every last drop and stood up swallowing your load. She gave you a pat on your leg and said, "See you tomorrow and remember no wasting it." She said walked out the room. You let out a smile and turned over going to bed.

What Happens In The Morning?

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