Vampire Newborn

Vampire Newborn


Chapter 1 by krm2116 krm2116

[Author's warning: this is a supernatural horror story about Vampires. Consequently, there is a good deal of mayhem and blood in this story. It may not be for everyone. This is fiction, and I abhor real violence of any kind. Please read the author's note]

Jessica awakens, disoriented and confused, in an unfamiliar room. She shivers a bit in the cold, and tries to remember the previous night. How did she get here? Where is "here"?

She lies in an ornate canopy bed. She notices for the first time that she is naked, and so cold. The room is windowless, with only minor illumination coming from the fireplace in the corner. A painting of a gorgeous woman with pale skin and black hair adorns the wall. The woman in the artwork holds a glass of red liquid. Even in the painting, the liquid looks too bright and thick to be wine. The woman in the painting is dressed in an elegant but old fashioned gown. A red moon decorates the background.

Jessica goes to the fireplace to warm herself. The light dances on her skin, which looks almost bone white in the flames' light. she wraps the sheet around herself, but it's no use. Her fingers feel like icicles. Jessica is about 5'7" and slim, with a full butt and pert, shapely breasts.

Jessica goes to the door.... locked.

As she sits by the fire, Jessica begins to notice sensations other than the cold. Her whole body feels tender. Her breasts somehow feel larger, her waist thinner, her ass firmer. She feels as if she hasn't eaten in months. Jessica is ravenous, but the cravings feel different than anything she has ever felt before- more primal, more direct.

Jessica hears a key in the lock, and as she turns towards the door, a tall woman in a flowing black gown enters. A massive Ruby necklace lies in her ample cleavage. Her skin is pale, her hair straight and black, but her eyes are pure fire.

"Jessica, I'm so glad you've woken up" the woman croons, grinning. Jessica swears she can see pointed canines in the woman's mouth.

It is the woman from the painting, Jessica realizes!

What does Jessica do next?

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