The Best Vacation of Their Lives...

Chapter 1 by MetropolitanDenial MetropolitanDenial

Rose and Owen Harper saved up all year for their big family vacation. This year, they'd be taking their four children - 20-year-old Dean, 18-year-old Finn, and 15-year-old twins Lucy and Lily - to Florida. They were thrilled at the idea of taking the kids to the central Florida theme parks, spending time at the beach, and, most importantly, having some romantic time alone together while they were there.

It was Rose's suggestion to hire a babysitter to come along for the trip. It made sense; even though the boys were able to fend for themselves, the girls still could use someone around if their parents were out together. Owen reluctantly agreed. They hadn't quite budgeted for it, but they could manage, as long as it meant some uninterrupted time with his wife.

The kids all complained when Rose and Owen announced they'd hired a babysitter. Dean and Finn, even though they'd only recently had their birthdays, both felt like they were adult enough to look out for themselves and their sisters. Lucy and Lily were going through a phase of not liking anything at all.

When Marina showed up to meet the kids three days before the vacation, though, Dean and Finn suddenly had a change of heart. She was a petite 25-year-old, standing about 5 feet tall, but the boys couldn't take their eyes off of her body. Her clothes highlighted her big tits, tiny waist, and thick ass and thighs. Her skin was as perfect as a doll's, and her wavy brown hair framed her face and was cut just above her shoulders.

Rose had brought Marina into the living room, calling all four of the kids down from their rooms to come meet her. Dean quickly smoothed his black hair, suddenly upset that he hadn't gotten a haircut recently, before shaking Marina's hand and introducing himself. He felt himself blush when Marina smiled at him, but hoped she didn't notice, since she quickly moved on to greeting Finn, Lucy, and Lily.

"I'm so happy to finally meet all of you," Marina said. "Your parents have told me a lot about you. I'm really looking forward to the vacation, too."

Lucy and Lily both gave Marina a nod and smile - about as friendly as they ever get - before quickly making their way back to their bedroom. Marina turned to look at Rose, obviously a little worried.

Rose laughed nervously. "They're going through that stage where no one is going to be their friend, I think. I swear it's not just you."

Finn quickly jumped in. "We're really happy you're coming on the vacation!" He looked almost startled that he'd blurted that out, and averted his eyes away from Marina. She smiled back at Finn and Dean, who were practically in awe. They couldn't believe they were lucky enough to have a babysitter like this for the next two weeks.

Three days later, the Harper family met Marina at the airport and boarded a plane to Florida. The trip there was pretty uneventful, which disappointed Dean and Finn. They had both discussed how they might have a chance to join the mile-high club with the babysitter. Of course, they both also knew how ridiculous that was. There was no way either of them had a chance with her.They all settled into their hotel rooms that afternoon. While Rose and Owen were staying in a suite on a separate floor, the girls shared a room at the end of a hallway, with Dean and Finn across the hall, and Marina in a room alone next to the boys.

The group met up in the lobby at 3 PM in order to decide on plans for the evening. Of course, everyone was excited to get out and see some of the theme parks, so they headed out.

What happens at the theme park?

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