Twitch Thot

Twitch Thot

A new type of Twitch streamer

Chapter 1 by CJD619 CJD619

I kinda don't know where I'm going with this. Just kinda writing in real-time.

Please let me know what girls description and start you like most. I will use that to guide my focus on writing. If one girl has most of the attention, that's what I'll work on first. I have a bunch of stories Private that I work on before releasing in full, this time I'm releasing this barebones so the community can guide me on what they want to see.

For now, I'm just using fake, made-up characters. While I'd love to use some real Twitch thots, I don't want to draw any undue attention. If enough people want it, maybe I'll start a branch of Poki or something. If there's interest, maybe I could make a sister-story that uses actual girl streamers that I think fit.

That being said, my general outline for this story will be either a streamer being corrupted or a woman being talked into streaming.

I also think that I may do a cheating girlfriend branch. We'll see.

Please leave a comment if you're interested so I know it's worth it.

That being said, choose your streamer and have fun!

PS - I will use many shorthands and slang for streaming. If you don't know things like IRL, 'desktop streams' and stuff like that, this may not be the story for you as I kind of expect the reader to know.

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