The Total Humiliation of James

The Total Humiliation of James

Cursed to be humiliated and degraded in the worst ways imaginable

Chapter 1 by BeckyS BeckyS

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James wasn't a bad guy or somebody who was owed any sort of comeuppance. He had just been unfortunate enough to have earned the scorn of a particularly spiteful witch and was now being punished by her for it.

James had found himself hitting the dating apps hard of late and, as a tall, dark and handsome man with a decent job and well written bio, he soon found himself dating a number of potential partners. It was on one such date that disaster struck in a way he couldn't even have imagined.

His date that fateful day was Rebecca, an exotic looking brunette. He had been attracted to her looks but found her personality a little odd. She claimed to be a witch which he found a little immature and off putting and, when they went back to her place, he found that she really did believe in that superstitious nonsense, Her place was full of mystical looking books, vials containing strange looking liquids and various other trinkets and curious. After sleeping with Rebecca, James decided she wasn't exactly relationship material and to end things there.

The next morning, James received a message from Rebecca who, apparently, had thought the date had gone better than he did and wanted to meet up again. Ghosting wasn't his style so he sent what he considered a very polite and diplomatic message to let her down as gently as he could. From the response he received, it seemed it wasn't diplomatic enough.

"Guess What, jerk. You don't get to fuck a witch then ditch her without getting cursed. You are now about to experience a world of humiliation you never would have even believed possible. And here is how..."

James' initial reaction was to thank his lucky stars he had dodged a bullet with such a crazy person. But he did begin to feel a little strange. Was there any possibility he could have genuinely been cursed? He waited for the next message that was currently being typed with a strange sense of trepidation..

What's next?

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