The Remote Control (public)

The Remote Control (public)

Just a normal remote control

Chapter 1 by Adventive Adventive

Rules for the remote control.

Unlock: unlocks any cars and makes people suggestible to commands.

Lock: locks any cars, people are no longer suggestible but still follow through with any orders that were given in unlock phase.

Alarm: car alarm and causes orgasms and urges to have sex.

Trunk: opens trunks and causes people to undress without their knowledge. Pressing trunk again stops the person from stripping while pressing lock will bring full awareness and embarrassment.

I: pause time in a given room. Those who are unaffected are the person using the remote control and anyone else who enters the room. Pressing the I button again will pause any newcomer in the room.

II: starts time in a given room.

Remote control affects one person at a time (except for time related buttons which affects the whole room aside from the user).

Who finds the remote control?

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