The New World

The New World

What could possibly go wrong when colonizing a new planet?

Chapter 1 by Actiaeon Actiaeon

{[email protected] a = 100001}The story contains heavy use of Choya's Conditional Variables; you need to press Start Game for the story to work.{endif}

The year is 2152, and humanity is finally reaching for the stars, humanity has already conquered the solar system with colonies on Mars and bases throughout the asteroid belt. However the United Earth Government has decided to send out five Arc-ships, better known as "Arcs," to colonize a new world; farther than anyone has been before. These Arcs are huge interstellar craft brimming with the latest in cryo-technology, fusion power, robotics, genetic engineering, and various other human technological advancements.

The candidates of stars and planets the ships would venture to was eventually whittled down to just one, the start Ross 128 and its orbiting planet Ross 128 b. Ross 128 was a red dwarf, and Ross 128 b was close enough to Earth that survival of the journey (while in cryostasis) was possible. While the planet itself was tidally locked, it was potentially habitable; requiring very little terraforming.

You are Aaron Connor you are 21 years old. You are 6'2 with brown hair and blue eyes. You have light, well-tanned skin; only when you take off your shirt does your more fair complexion become obvious. You have quite devolved muscles from your time as an asteroid miner (You did a four-year stint once you got out of high school to get away from your parents). Then finally your penis is quite big, not huge, being only 6 1/4 inches long, it being a bit of a source of pride for you. Overall you are a pretty handsome guy...

Your last relationship ended back in high school. Since you only just got back from the asteroid belt (you had a couple of one-off flings while on leave) you are still very single.

You have been staying with your parents after getting back to Earth when your father surprised you all with the news; you all have a pass on The Andromeda. One of the Arc ships you have been hearing about...

The Andromeda is one of the smaller Arc-ships, only holding 200,000 people and some biological DNA of animals from the Earth. However, only the most modest two of the Arc-ships were available for application from the public. The larger reserved for "important people" and after all, all the vessels are headed towards the same destination and should arrive around the same time it should be fine.

Soon the day of the launch approaches, April 24th, 2052; a cold feeling of terror shakes down your spine as the rocket ship blasts off towards The Andromeda waiting in orbit. This not being your first time you left the Earth you figured it must be purely due to the fear of the journey ahead. You see The Andromeda and The Aurora waiting in orbit for the moment they are set to take off; with The Achilles, The Apollo, and The Aphrodite already having left for Ross 128 b.

You eventually have some scientists set you into Cryopod #132,122 and your mother, father, and younger sister going in #132,120, #132,121, and #132,123 respectively.

“Goodbye, big brother” Rachel says.

"Excuse me, Miss Connor" an unknown voice calls out, as you are laid down into your cryostasis pod.

You are cut off as you feel a sharp cold sensation flow through your body; followed by warmth as blackness overtakes your vision and conciseness.

Well, off you go what could possibly go wrong?

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