The Hutt's New Plaything

The Hutt's New Plaything

Jess's adventures through the Galaxy

Chapter 1 by conceptmonger conceptmonger

Life hasn't always been easy on you, Jess. Born into a rather wealthy family, a shuttle accident left you and your brother orphaned. You've grown up in different houses, but none have ever really felt like your home. You've had to resort to some legally questionable behavior to live the type of lifestyle you always imagined for yourself. Now, you're on your way through the Mos Eisley spaceport with some cargo destined for a certain Mr. Fortuna. It fits into a small carrying case, and you haven't asked what's inside. You're hoping for a quick on and off of this world...

The cold metal handle of the carrying case presses against your sweaty palm. You look about the spaceport, there are dozens of alien species you've never seen before. The setting suns of this planet begin to burn against your skin, and you duck into the sanctuary of a nearby hovel. You look about, trying to ascertain the directions you were given for this rendezvous. You clutch your cargo a little closer; this job will fetch you a handsome sum of credits and you don't want one of these good-for-nothing spaceport loiterers walking off with your bounty.

It'll be dark soon, so you should probably move fast. As you look down at your holowatch, you can see where your destination is. It's a cantina about a click away. It looks like there's a shortcut through a dark, twisted alleyway that seems rather ominous, especially as the night begins to settle. Alternatively, you could take the main road. You're not sure how much safer that will be, and it will take some time.

NOTE: This game is meant to be played in Game Mode (hit Start Game on the right). This will keep track of important things, like your dignity, as you go on your adventure. Certain options are only unlockable if you have enough dignity (or not enough).

A lot of this story is still in progress. I will continue to work on the storylines that continue to get the most likes. Therefore, please use that feature to tell me where to put my efforts and energies.

IF YOU WANT TO BECOME JABBA'S : simply take the main road, wait in the third private room, take the box to Fortuna, and then go to the Palace. Insist on negotiating with Jabba and bring your dignity to zero before letting him cum.

Which way do you go?

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