Lust, and adventure in the 36th century.

Chapter 1 by Jaegarblk Jaegarblk

It is the 36th century. Humans have expanded across the stars. New empires and interstellar nations have arisen, and factions vie for influence. Behind the veneer of civilisation and enlightened philosophies humans are just as power hungry and lust filled as ever, and those in power ever seek to dominate the masses. Some individuals have left the hypocrisy of Civilised Space and have made a life of adventure for themselves in the space wilds of Feral Space. They live as pirates, bounty hunters, slavers and mercenaries. Sometimes their deeds gain notoriety and even a dark celebrity. They become known as Star Ravishers. Their exploits become the stuff of legend and lustful entertainment for the populations of Civilised space always hungry for stories of sex and and often encouraged by governments looking for new distractions from their own exploitations.

And occasionally the governments of so-called civilised states need such operatives in Feral Space when they'd rather keep their hands clean.


CHAPTER I - Extradition

The Viper Stream sat hidden amidst the dust and swirling gases of the Pisidian Nebula, its 200-meter-long silhouette barely discernible as it rested in wait. It was a formidable space frigate, its exterior a savage network of scarred metal and combat-enhanced armour, riddled with marks of many battles, silent testimony to its countless victories over the past decades.

In contrast to her seemingly rugged exterior, the Viper Stream was a spectre of the star field. She boasted unparalleled velocity, sleekness, and manoeuvrability. High-energy plasma engines, glowing ominously at the rear of the craft, stood ready to spring to life, prepared to push the colossal vessel through space in a blinding streak of speed.

The frigate's imposing weaponry were state of the art. Its hull was adorned with high-calibre particle cannons, heat-seeking plasma missile pods, and a finely tuned neutron-torpedo array. This powerful artillery amalgamation had been geared seamlessly in conjunction with defensive shields and high-density armour. A rapid-fire zero-aim laser defence system ensured protection against smaller crafts or oncoming ordnances.

Right now, all of this latent potential fury was silent. The Viper Stream was a hunter and like all good hunters it didn’t track its prey. It waited for the prey to come to it.

On the bridge of the Viper Stream first officer and senior technician Lorina Cafaro was bent over the main console with her fatigue pants and black thong down about her ankles. Her lovely bubble butt was writhing as she moaned in pleasure. Behind her with four fingers planted firmly inside her pussy and sitting in the captain's chair was Virgil Montoya. Bio-cords were plugged into his chiselled thorax so he could monitor ship systems almost subconsciously. On the other side of him his muscular right arm rested across the top of the seat with his hand holding his erection up high so he could stroke it in time with Lorina's frantic movements.

Her dark brown hair cascaded in sexy waves down her toned shoulders and her tee shirt was bunched up so that Lorina's georgous pale tits were bare, gently jiggling, her light brown nipples erect from excitement. The woman's taut abdomen was slick with sweat, stomach flexing rhythmically and her delectable mouth set in an O of pleasure, a bright blush on her flushed cheeks a contrast to her smooth porcelain skin.

As Virgil's finger banging became more forceful, Lorina gasped and cried out. She was melting under his ministrations and was bucking and fucking back against his thick unrelenting digits. Each moan growing louder and wilder as she became ever closer to climaxing. A steady stream of juice ran down the inside of her thigh. Lorina writhed across the touch screens of the console causing a cacophony of error alarms to emit. Virgil did not cease but continued to finger bang the dark-haired woman harder. With a gasp of pleasure she exploded, biting her lower lip so she wouldn't scream out. The combined effects of her orgasms sent shivers through her spine and across her body. As she came down from her climax her girl-cum sprayed all over the command console soaking her fatigues beneath her, Virgil's hands and her uniform.

Virgil didn't pause. With a strong grip on her arm, he spun her around and directed her head towards his cock. With both hands the big man grabbed hold of her cheeks and thrust his stiff rod deep into her wetness. With a sigh he started pumping in and out, fucking her face. Droplets of sweat that beaded across her forehead were flung onto his shaft. He had already been on the verge of popping when Lorina started to suck his shaft. With a grunt he shot his load deep into her throat causing her to and gag. Virgil withdrew quickly before the red-faced brunette could cough or throw up. His penis slipped out from between her lips leaving behind a huge glob of cum that spattered across the white cotton of her tee-shirt.

Lorina looked down at the mess her Captain had caused and gave him a look of daggers.

"Stronzo!" she cursed him. She stood up without another word and began redressing, going to a small locker to retrieve a fresh tee-shirt. These kinds of accidents were not new.

The two were not natural lovers. They had fucked before of course. The Viper Stream sometimes made FTL jumps that could last two or three months without seeing another soul and neither Lorina or Virgil wanted to be servicing themselves for that long. But both had dominant personalities and their sex ended up being naturally competitive. Almost more like a contest. Whilst this had its appeal, they both recognised it bled into the professional and impacted their effectiveness as a Star Ravisher crew partnership.

Normally when they were faced with a long period in deep space or a transit, they would take the time to hire, or sometimes lure a fuck toy onto the Viper Stream. A couple of young lasses (or a lad for Lorina when the fancy took her) they'd find on some free-colony or other and fuck like rabbits for the duration. They could turn a hopeful courtesan into a thoroughly dicked down whore in about two weeks and a sodden cum-rag two weeks after that. As for the big-cocked guys Lorina used up, it didn't matter how macho they were when they boarded, they were never quite the same after she had spent a month fucking them into submission. Generally, they left the Viper with a glazed expression of wonder or haunting.

But Virgil and Lorina had taken their current mission on short notice, so there was no time to acquire a new slut to distract them. And considering the had needed to hide out in the Pisidian Nebula for the past six weeks they had been obliged to make use of each other's bodies.

It was only a few minutes after they had reclothed themselves and cleaned off any errant spunk that the console the bridge’s sensor station began sounding the alarm indicating some major anomaly passing through the region.

Lorina jumped to man the sensor and comms console while Virgil plugged himself fully into the Command-Station, effortlessly taking control of the general piloting and running of the ship.

Lorina’s keen-eyes diligently tracked the anomalous readings on her console, which visualized FTL-phase shifts on a quantum level. Interpreting the complex quantum algorithms the computer was spitting out, Lorina detected a ripple in space-time that was a tell-tale sign of FTL travel.

"We have a phase shift, Virgil." Lorina gave a grim smile “And more than that the signature is the Hannah’s Pride!”

Their prey was passing by very close but very fast.

Even as Lorina’s words pierced the command deck Virgil’s battle-hardened fingers glided automatically across his command console, activating a device primed for such scenarios - a FTL Disruptor Probe. With an icy stare, he locked onto the FTL-phase shift signal and released the probe.

Launched along a calculated trajectory, the probe shot forward, phasing between dimensions to jolt the unseen vessel out of its phase shift. A visible rending of the quantum fabric rippled through the vacuum of space as the probe violently shunted the 2km long transport, the Hannah's Pride, from its FTL-phase shift.

As it emerged into the nebula Lorina could see that the Hannah's Pride was of a sleek serpentine design adorned with silver and jade coloured plating. Knocked off course she tumbled like a cosmic river through the pitch-black canvas of space.

As Hannah’s Pride was unceremoniously pushed out into true space, Virgil was simultaneously using the neuro-link plugged directly into his cortex to activate the Viper’s general weapon systems.

Virgil’s experienced eyes quickly located and targeted a comet 10km in diameter a few thousand kilometres off the port side of Hannah’s Pride. Unleashing the Viper Stream's impressively destructive ballistic missiles, the space around the transport ship became alight with fiery debris as the comet violently disintegrated.

The jolting action from the FTL-Phase Shift, coupled with the explosive disruption of the comet, abruptly thrust Hannah's Pride into an oncoming debris field. The transport ship, now visible, collided with fragments of the comet, causing catastrophic damage along her length.

Caught off-guard and her weapon systems destroyed Hannah's Pride was left crippled, ripe for the taking.

“Perfect strikes!” announced Lorina squeezing her hand into a fist in triumph. “Major external systems compromised but minimal interior penetration or damage.”

Virgil did not acknowledge. He was surveying the destruction he had wrought via the neuro-link uploads directly into his brain. His eyes were rolled up so only the whites were showing. The majority of his brain function was now plugged directly into the Viper Stream and although the technical feedback logs registered the operation a success whilst plugged into the command station Virgil was emotionally supressed and he remained impassive.

In a monotone he directed Lorina. “Call in the Battering-Ram. Initiate intercept and capture.”

Without hesitation Lorina sent out the communication to the Viper Stream’s ally that was lying in wait.

Amidst the Hannah’s Pride high frequency distress cries an intimidating shadow gradually formed to the stern of the stricken transport ship.

The approaching ship was a boarding vessel, roughly 150m long. It ominously lumbered closer. The violent pull from FTL-phase shift and the onslaught of space debris had left Hannah's Pride crippled and defenceless, her hull riddled with scorched indentations. In contrast to the elegant sleek line of the Hannah’s Pride the vessel was a grotesque fusion of composite metals and layered armours. Its surface was of a charred black, etched with numerous battle scars that spoke of its violent past.

To Lorina, observing its approach from the Viper Stream’s long-space optics the vessel resembled a prehistoric marine predator. An embodiment of form before beauty, every aspect of its existence designed with a single purpose - to latch onto prey.

Hannah’s Pride had been operationally reduced to a near-floating hulk, though Lorina noticed with satisfaction that the transport ships life support was still fully operational. However undeniably Hannah's Pride was unable to defend herself. The emergency escape pods and shuttles, ordinarily the last hope for such a leviathan, remained grounded due to a cascade of failures. Shattered launch bays from the ambush had rendered escape no more than a dream for the crew.

The approaching vessel’s combat-field flickered off, revealing its underside. Just then, a metallic thirty metre long 'sting' began to protrude slowly, like a nightmarish phallus from an alien beast, the bulbous end was a symbol of the impending doom. The 'sting' steadily extended towards the limping Hannah's Pride, ready to pierce into the hull; its final performance to secure a relentless, vice-like grip on the motionless mega-transport.

The boarding vessel, an undignified conqueror of this desolate space battlefield, bared its teeth to commence the grim harvest.

Lorina looked on in grim satisfaction and not a little excitement as the sting penetrated the outer hull of the Hannah’s Pride. Lorina knew that once hooked into place, the boarding crew onboard the Battering-Ram was inevitably prepared to penetrate the damaged transport ship via the boarding sting.

A notification pinged onto Lorina’s console display with confirmation from the vessel whose designation was ‘Battering Ram “They have a lock with Hannah’s Pride” Lorina glanced up and grinned at Virgil. “She’s fucked Captain.”

The Adventure Begins

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