Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

A man life is change

Chapter 1 by Killercross Killercross

"Hey look it the the king and the future Queen." You said happily as you watch them walk past in the royal palace. You kneel instantly going to the ground.

He and she stopped by you, "Who are you? Are you a brave knight or just a common soldier?" Said the king.

"My grace I'm Dewey of the Culpeppers a common soldier fighting for you. I want to become knight and or a lord. I fight for the king and the Lannister your grace."

He chuckle, "Well high hopes for a common man. If you want to rise in rank fight and kill every single Stark that lives besides our Stark living with us. Dewey tomorrow we will have a tournament hopefully I'll see you there."

[If you want to add to this story, go ahead I would love to read your take George RR Martin wonderful world]

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