They Do Come True

Chapter 1 by Grimm05 Grimm05

One day your dreams come true be it you made it happen or you find some sort of magical item that does the job for you who knows. Now you can be anyone you want to be, have who ever you want, and do whatever you want to do with them. You could be a billionaire with a harem of women at your beck and call or just yourself with the added benefit of having the girl of your dreams yours forever. Here you can do whatever you want, be a God or simply be a spectator here for the ride and enjoying every word of it.

In this fantasy anything is possible, ever wanted to fuck a celebrity Done. Ever wanted to kidnap them and turn them into a slave Done. Maybe something playful such as tickling the female cast of Game of Thrones into confessing how the story ends? Or you can go dark and abduct someone off the street to be yours forever or as long as you want them to remain. Maybe even blackmail someone as well and turn them into a puppet?

Why stop with the real world? Maybe you wanted to have sex with the women of Star Trek or maybe you want to be King in Game of Thrones and take the women in the show to be yours? Perhaps you want to blackmail a character from a TV Show into sleeping with you or humiliating themselves? You can even slip into a drama or a Soap Opera and have some fun with the stars. Maybe you always wanted this character to get together with another or you wanted a character to be punished?

You can be anyone, a boyfriend, a lover, a victim, a bully, an abductor, a stranger, or even a higher power. Who knows what else or who else you can be but yourself. Hell you can even be a tentacle monster or an alien what matters is we all have fantasies of women we want or desire. The point is you have control here so welcome to your fantasies and my own. May you not run away concerned by how disturbed some of these stories become.

Now the question is where do we start? Do you want to fuck the Prom Queen or America's Next Top Model? Hell Hello Lucy has a whole different meaning here. Maybe you've always wanted a celebrity you hated to go to an erotic prison? So I ask again, "Where Do We Start?".

Feel free to send requests and ideas.

What's next?

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