Dragon Ball: Son of Karkoraen

Dragon Ball: Son of Karkoraen


Chapter 1 by Ragnockae136 Ragnockae136

(Home of Karkoraen and Tights)

Gorten was the Second Son of Karkoraen, younger brother of Garten, and Older Brother of Taurè, like His Siblings and Cousins he was a Human-Saiyan Hybrid, and could become a Super Saiyan. He and his Older Brother had a...........Difficult Relationship between them, due to the Frequent Brutal and Cruel Training sessions their Father made them Fight against each other in as Children. He had a far Kinder Relationship with his Sister, but hers was no less harsh than his own Life. Gorten was intending to join the Next Martial Arts World Tournament, in the Adult Divison! So that he could finally Kick Garten's Arse.

It was sure to be interesting as Gorten's Uncle Vegeta would be participating in it with his Uncle Goku, he at this Time was still Dead. Anyways, TOURNAMENT TIME!!!!!!!!

The Tournament?

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