Dirty Mackin’

Dirty Mackin’

Don’t trip bitch, you mine next.

Chapter 1 by Plxto Plxto

Roe was a 20 year old vagabond originally from America. He decided long ago to travel the world, in search of what you my ask. Wealth? Knowledge? Wisdom and opportunity? Well, technically speaking all of those things could be gained by what he was doing. But no, when he graduated highschool Roe and his friends traveled to fuck bitches!

It was a ridiculous endeavor sure but one thing Roe always had on his side was luck! The gang had accomplished their goal of fucking and mooching off sexy women. Eventually they ended up in Japan, where Roe was betrayed. His friends, they did the unspeakable crime of suggesting they begin to swing their women! Roe took tremendous offense to this as not only was he very territorial once he laid his palms on a woman, but because he was no cuck!

To Roe, swinging was just being a cuck with pride. And he would never go against his nature to promote such activities. His women were his and his alone, he never even once shared a photo of them to his homeboys. Heartbroken by their betrayal of everything he believed in Roe decided he would be best as a lone ranger. Homewrecking and mooching solo, so he moved back home.

Covered in Yakuza tattooing that his Japanese women enjoyed placing onto his skin he was the talk of the town once he enrolled in college. The city in itself wasnโ€™t that big but it was dense in population. Or more precisely, dense in pussy. Roe enjoyed the attention and his fellow scholars swooning over him but for some reason it didnโ€™t give him the same excitement as before. So for a semester he simply meditated upon himself.

What he wanted, desired, and enjoyed. That is when he came to the realization. He loved older women! Sure he could fuck up relationships on campus but these were college students all of their relationships were either fickle or filled with deceit already. There was no fun in that, no chase, and most of all no nuance. So ready to enact his new plan during his second semester Roe had called upon favors from his women in Japan and some in Finland to afford him a new house.

He began to make friends with his classmates after seeing pictures of who had the sexiest mothers, and within a month of his request had moved into a two way cul-de-sac. His mission, dirty mackinโ€™.

Aka, Roe was going to fuck all of his friends moms.


A/N: This story is completely random, I donโ€™t just mean that in a wacky way. I mean it is literally random. The time Roe spends with each woman, who he spends each chapter with, the personalities of the women. All of it is both calculated and randomly selected already ahead of time to create a more dynamic and organic feel for every relationship.

Maybe this will become a game someday or maybe not. I would enjoy if it did anyway. Outside of all that though show support to see more!

Whether itโ€™s a like, dislike, comment, or a message. Engaging with the story is the only way I can know youโ€™re enjoying and want moreโ€ผ๏ธ

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