Daryl's House

Daryl's House

The sissification

Chapter 1 by bgtd319 bgtd319

God, it feels like it's been so long since you've had a break, taking a full course load of classes and trying to work has been brutal. Your one saving grace has been your buddy Daryl, an absolute gem of a human being your ebony 6'3" friend since middle school really helped pull ya through this last quarter. taking that required physics class together really has saved you, the concepts kept going over your head let alone the complicated equations you needed to memorize. Luckily Daryl was there with ya, and studying with him was a breeze, he really thrives in this academic environment. but all of that was over now as the spring quarter came to a close and finally your summer off has arrived, and god damn it you were gonna enjoy it.

Daryl had invited you to a hang out at his families place today and get wasted and forget about the stress of this last semester. His family lived near the college so he was able to save some money and stay at home, unlike you who had a shitty studio in a real shady part of town.

As you arose this morning you could hear the all to familiar sound of your neighbor Chad blaring his porn during his morning jack off session. As you tried to go about your day and prepare breakfast the dulcet tones of the moaning women on Chad's screen make it nearly impossible for you not to imagine the wonderfully lewd acts they are doing upon each other. It's now you realize how horny you are this morning and you begin to rub your 8 inches to life through your pajamas. Only to be thrust out of the fantasy and into a confusing memory as you hear Chad loudly moan. In that moment you are suddenly thrust into the memory of earlier this quarter when Chad moved in, You were leaving your apartment and turned around to lock the door when you hear him shuffle past you and say "damn toots you got a real nice ass" as he swiftly spanked it with such a you felt it ripple under the blow. As you looked over at your new neighbor a look of horror hit both your faces, you for the embarrassment of being called a girl just because you have a slim frame and a little more junk in the trunk and him because he just now realized you were a guy. In that moment you felt so many emotions embarrassment and irritation, but the one that still confuses you was lust. Something about the domineering smack on your ass felt like i triggered a submissiveness you never knew you had and you didn't quite know how to take it. you shook your head trying to get the thought from your head.

God now you were so hard you realized as you felt your pulsing shaft.

Do you masturbate or do you need to get away from this apartment and head to Daryl's?

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