By the Bay

By the Bay

Mom, sister, and friends help a recent college graduate break out of arrested development.

Chapter 1 by wisemen_say wisemen_say

“I’m sorry, I’ve never done this before”

Ethan’s face was merely a few inches away from the most beautiful women he’d ever met. The otherwise silent bedroom was filled with the energy of his nervous excitement. He would finally be with the woman he loved, finally get to know every facet of her physical being as much as her mental one.

The woman took what she wanted, initiating a slow, tender kiss with Ethan as they knelt on the bed. As the quiet sounds of their love began to fill the room, the woman pulled back from the kiss yet she maintained their intimate distance.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you what I like,” said the woman.

Occasionally nibbling on his lower lip, the kiss gradually escalated as the pair began to feel up each other’s bodies. Soon after, she gently pushed Ethan down onto the bed. Ethan marveled at the goddess before him, caressing her powerful thighs as she started to reach behind her back. In one fell swoop, the woman unhooked her bra, making sure to hold it over her breasts for a moment. After some playful back and forth, Ethan finally got his wish as the woman flung her brassiere off her shoulders and onto his face.

“Enjoying the show, tiger?”

Immediately the bra fell from his eyes, and his sight was restored, revealing the two stunning women who joined the couple on the bed.

However, a bark shook Ethan from this most desirable state as the dream faded away to darkness and a quiet buzzing.

Ethan opened his eyes to find the neighbor's dog barking like no tomorrow, however, he could not find the source of the buzzing — he stopped with alarm clocks months ago. The only discovery he found on his phone was that he woke up at 2:13 in the afternoon; no notification triggered this elusive sound. These days, Ethan didn't really bother attending to his day-to-day physical appearance unless he planned on going outside, which itself was also a rarity. Thus, after merely combing a hand through his hair, he called it a day slay for his hairdo and started investigating the source of the noise — perhaps it was the arrival of the eighth plague. As he walked down the hallway, Ethan felt the slight chill from the lingering Southern California Winter that refused to give way for the the present Spring. What sent an even greater chill down his spine was discovering that the buzzing was coming from his sister’s room.

Author's Note: While I have ideas for threads set in different time periods and alternative branches, I'll be predominantly focused on finishing up the main thread. However, y'all are more than welcome to submit chapters of your own and feel free to leave a comment — all contributions are welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read and/or contribute to this story, I hope you enjoy it!

What does Ethan see?

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