Apparently you don't fit the alien's specifications...

Chapter 1 by dangerslut dangerslut

Your stereo is blaring as you cruise down the highway. You weren't sure Nessie, your dad's old Buick, would successfully get you all the way to school, let alone back again. Another year was tough. Whoever thinks art school is all about pretty pictures has never had a six hour drawing studio.

You had always been a weird scrawny kid, but at art school everyone is weird, so you developed some more confidence. You even filled out some. The music lowers and your phone pings.

<First night back! So pumped!> The message was from Tyler.

Tyler was the number one reason you didn't get beaten up in high school. Sure people threw stuff, and shouted obscenities at you on occasion, but other kids had it way worse. Everything came easy to Tyler, rich parents and good genes. The next message is just a string of eggplants, peaches and rocket ship emojis. Despite his sense of humor he's actually damn smart too.

This is going to be your first summer spent at home since high school. You're excited to see your friends, especially Sophie. Sophie was your girlfriend before you even knew what that entailed. You were pretty sure back then that it had something to do with getting extra cookies. By the time you figured out that you were only mostly correct, it was clear she was out of your league. Surprisingly enough, she stuck around.

Aside from the occasional fight and break up for 2-6 days, you two had been together since you could remember. You kind of figured you'd stay that way through college. You could see each other on long weekends and at Christmas. She wasn't super into the idea. She really had to focus at school, but didn't totally shoot down your hopes of being together in the future.

It's late when you reach your parent's street. They left for a cruise a few days ago, but the lamps are on a timer, so house is all lit up.

There's a loud POP and a rattling noise from under the hood.

"Shit! So close!" You manage to pull the sputtering hissing, future pile of scrap metal over to the side of the road. You step out of the car to grab a couple of bags, planning to carry what you can and worry about the rest tomorrow.

You never reach the trunk though.

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