A Strict Teacher and a Hard Lesson

A Strict Teacher and a Hard Lesson

Cuckolded by Ms. Haruna

Chapter 1 by Maxwelzal Maxwelzal


All characters mentioned herein are of at least eighteen years of age or older.

This story contains various forms of male humiliation and associated or tangential fetishes, including...

  • Cuckoldry
  • Dehumanization (Pet Play)
  • Futanari (Female with Both Genitalia)
  • Futanari on Female
  • Gokkun (Semen Eating/Swallowing)
  • Infertility Mockery and Teasing
  • SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)

If any of these, or other possibly associated genres or fetishes, are not to your liking... Well... it might be in your best interest to stop reading here.

This is a short story I did for fun. It started off as just a caption for a GIF, but it got way longer than I initially intended... I didn't want to drop it all in one chapter, so I broke it up as best I could. Hopefully the chapters aren't too short... I should probably focus my efforts on finishing Bad Tiding if I'm going to write smut... But, well... I made this instead?... >.< ...I have a chapter and a half already written for it, I just need to get around to posting them... Apologies if you have been waiting. Hopefully this will suffice in the interim! Again, This story, like Bad Tidings, is on the more extreme and negative end of the spectrum. Just another heads up... Anyway! I hope you get some sort of entertainment out of reading my story!

(The GIF (still image here sadly...) used for the cover is from the ero game Tsukiakari No Raspberry Tsun Dere 2 by Tinklebell. I do not believe the game itself has any direct ties to cuckoldry... but that look the redhead gives the viewer really speaks to me... Ah well, it's probably just my silly overactive imagination!)

(p.s. The formatting of the text is a tad different. I was writing on another platform and when I finished, I figured why not post it here as well? For this one, I think I'll able to make it so you can substitute in your name for the protagonist... So yeah, there's that option if you're interested~... Oh, and sorry for any typos, misspellings or inconsistencies. I'll try to fix them at some point.)



*Some school, somewhere.*

*As you walk down the hall, a hand suddenly grabs your shoulder and spins you around.*

“Aha, Yuuta -kun, is it? I finally caught you!”

*It’s Ms. Haruna, your homeroom teacher.*

*She's a young, slim, red-headed woman with piercing bright blue eyes that sit just behind a pair of stylish glasses. Having a tall, slender, and alluring frame (along with amble bosom), and a perky personality, Ms. Haruna is something of a legend at your school. Since her arrival three months ago, she’s quickly and effortlessly maintained the absolute and undivided attention of almost all her male students, and even several faculty members. They clamor to open doors for her, argue about who gets to carry her supplies, and beg for her remedial lessons. At times, you very well could've sworn you’d seen a warm glow accompanying her wherever she went; Her cheery nature seeming to radiate from her very person.*

*Today however, was not one of those times. In fact, Ms. Haruna actually looks rather displeased... and this displeasure seems to be directed at you.*

“We need to talk Yuuta -kun. Care to explain why you’ve been skipping my class lately? There’s been at least three assignments so far, and you’ve missed all of them! You know your grade will suffer if you don’t complete them, right?”

*She pushes her glasses up a bit and turns away, crosses her arms in disapproval.*

“ You’re quite fortunate you know; having a teacher like me go out of their way to come tell you something like this in person! To be quite frank, I had half a mind to simply flunk you and be done with it!”

*She focuses back on you.*

*Being the good-natured person that she is, her anger quickly fades when she notices that you have yet to respond. She takes a kinder, softer approach.*

“... Yuuta -kun? ...Are you listening to me? ...Do you have an explanation for all of this? I want all of my students to succeed ... but that starts with being open to talking... Yuuta -kun, is there something going on? ...You can tell me.”

*She gives you a look that says she means the best, so you reluctantly tell her everything.*

*You tell Ms. Haruna that you’d recently started dating a girl from the class down the hall; How her kind, gentle demeanor had won you over in an instant; Her long glossy straight black hair, neatly kept by a pin in the front; Her petite frame and friendly round adorable face; It all captivated you. You were sure that what you were feeling must have been love at first sight; Your first experience with such a thing. Thinking that Ms. Haruna’s class was trivial in comparison (just another easy 'A'), and believing that you were more than capable of completing all her assignments with little effort, you’d decided that skipping her class was no big deal. Even though now it's clearly apparent that this wasn't the case, you emphasize that you still don't regret the choices you've made.*

*Ms. Haruna seems taken aback for a bit, then gradually raises an eyebrow.*

“...Is that right Yuuta -kun...”

*She pauses another moment, as if internally deliberating with herself.*

“Well If that’s the case... I suppose it’s somewhat understandable...”

*Her quick acceptance surprises you. This isn’t going how you expected at all! You breathe a small sigh of relief to yourself.*

“...So, who exactly is this lucky girl?”

*You hesitate, not wanting to get her into any trouble.*

“Oh, you needn’t worry Yuuta -kun... I only want to ask her to not take too much of your time... I’m fine with you meeting up, just so long as it isn’t a daily occurrence... Honest... In return however, you’ll have to submit all of your assignments on time from here on out... And I’d also expect just one tincy wincy little favor... You can do that much, can’t you?... Yuuta -kun?”

*You briefly hesitate. Surely this was too good to be true! She could ask anything, anything at all... But... she wouldn’t ask the impossible of you.... Right? there was no way it would be anything too complex or difficult!... Your hesitation doesn’t last for very long...*

*You quickly accept her offer.*

“That’s a good boy Yuuta -kun... Well, what’s her name and where can we find her?”

*You tell Ms. Haruna her name, Orie, and how you hadn’t been able to meet up with her today as she’d been preoccupied volunteering in the nurse’s office.*

“Hmmm, is she now?... Well, I think it would be a good idea to go pay her an immediate visit to straighten this whole thing out... Shall we?”

*She takes you by the wrist and leads the way.*

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