A New World

A New World

A world populated by monsters and humans

Chapter 1 by Searcher0595 Searcher0595

The wooden and stone kingdom of 'CastleHigh' is bustling with a hive of activity, the entire kingdom's people, from peasants to farmers have all left their homes to flock to the kingdom's Streets.

The kingdom is in a state of joy and excitement, all with a smile on their face, rightfully so too, considering today is Victory Day!

What's Victory Day you may ask? What? have you been living under a rock?

Humanity has been fighting those vicious monsters for over five years now.

Yes, it was a period of hardship and suffering for our troops in the battlefield but rejoice for just yesterday, news broke that the monster kingdom has officially surrendered, unconditionally too.

Upon hearing this news, our noble and selfless King,what with all his might and strength, declared today and for the next two months to be auction days.

Where Demons, Fairies, Elves, Centaurs and even Giants (Spoils Of War) and even more will be chained helplessly and marched to the Castle Square, where everyone and anyone can bid to claim ownership over these creatures.

Once one wins a particular monster, he or she may do whatever they please with their newly acquired monster.

Yes, let the possibilities flow through your mind.

But before you start dreaming , you should probably ask yourself who you are in this New, strange but hopefully, exciting world.

Who are you?

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