A Mythological Trip

Chapter 1 by Uh-Oh Uh-Oh

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Along an old dirt road an old rusting truck barreled along, making a plume of disturbed dust behind it. "How did I get here, and how am I going to get out of this damn place," thought the driver, Greyland, as he speed across the little path.

Grayland, known as Grey by his friends at school, was a collage student taking a vacation in Europe over summer break. Most of his friends and fellow students had gone to Mexico to get drunk all day and see tits or show them off for the world. Even some of his not-so-thin male classmates joined the ladies in the chest showing part. Grey, if he ever witnessed it, would probably go blind from the rapid jiggling of the man-tits on stage. He tried not to think about it. Anyway, Grey had too much intellect and dignity for such a stupid and wasteful act of senseless horniness, and he decided he would go to Europe and study some of it's history from there, possibly a few ladies as well…

Grey was not a bad looking geek, either. He was a rather handsome young man with brown hair, green eyes, and stood at about 6 feet tall. He was somewhat skinny for his height, but not stick like in appearance. Even with these lady-attracting traits, Grey had never had a girlfriend, and the closest he had gotten to one was online while he was wasting time trying to alleviate his almost constant arousal. But now he had a new direction in life, to become an explorer of the world. With an occasional streak of adventure dawning upon his mind, his thoughts were always wondering, though most of them were concentrated upon the female sex. The thoughts about women and their lacy underwear flew from his mind only when he was deep in thought, which was only a small amount of the time.

He got off the plane in Greece, from which he went off into the country to see what there was to be seen in the untouched lands. He was forced to rent a dinky red truck, for his money supply was low at this point, after spending it on little trinkets such as some Greek togas and other rip-off items that cost a cent to make and cost 10$ to buy. When he finally got into the rolling country, he saw vast fields of deep green grass, which he had not seen in his entire life, because his native Montana was mostly yellow and dead looking most of the time.

His truck started to move uphill, causing the motor to sputter occasionally in its effort to climb the ever-steeper mountains. The green landscape turned almost red in color, the rocks and dirt on the hill strangely a shade of red. Concluding it was rusty iron in the soil, Grey continued climbing over the perilous peaks, following the ever-constant paved road leading him onward.

After leaving the confines of the mountains, Grey found himself coming into a vast meadow, covered with bright flowers and grass. At a certain point up on the mountain after passing a lone cabin, the road stopped being paved, and it turned into a piddly dust path, barely wide enough to even accommodate Grey’s small truck. The bumpiness got worse as he drove closer to the middle of the valley meadow.

Grey was getting frustrated, even while he was in deep thinking about how stupid he had been for taking the ‘scenic route’. "How the hell could I get lost in this area, its all flat!" Grey screamed in his mind as he rode into the middle of the meadow, the mountains fading into the distance. He hit the wheel with a glancing blow in his fleeting anger. Then, the most horrible thing that could happen to a lost foreigner happened: the previously reliable little truck started to sputter and slow down.

"Oh shit!” Grey found himself stroking the dash gently with his hand, “No no no, its OK, keep on going. You have enough gas to get me to the next town. Come on...." Grey whispered to his truck as the sounds coming from the truck and his voice intensified. "Come on.... Come On...." Grey chanted as the wheel vibrated and the car came to a complete stop. He turned the bent little key, and he heard the engine attempt to start, then it just stopped dead.

"Son of a bitch!!!" Grey bellowed as he flew out of the truck. He slammed the door shut behind him, and it popped back open as though it was mocking him. Grey turned on it in rage, and called upon his karate skills and attempted to drop kick the defiant door shut. This accomplished nothing, as the door popped back open again as Grey landed on the ground and got a mouthful of grass and flowers. He got off the ground and jaggedly circled the truck in his fury. Grey could not see anything in the distance behind him that could have fallen off, so he popped the hood angrily. Nothing in the motor was clogged, nor was anything low on fuel or oil. It seemed completely intact, with the one exception that it would not start whatsoever for him. Grey twisted his key in the ignition dozens of times; bending the key even more than it was before. Finally, he tried to tackle the motor in a sad attempt to jar it into working, and he flew back about five feet after making contact. He hastily and painfully got back up again and continued to poke and prod his poor truck to work again.

Tired and disgruntled after an hour of attempting and still failing to bring his truck back from the dead, Grey slid onto an exceptionally flowery patch on the ground. His anger had left him, for Grey wouldn't stay angry at anything for very long. Laying down on a patch of flowers with his head propped against the tire of the truck, Grey pondered his oh-so enjoyable predicament. His body felt slightly broken from the failed combat tactics her employed upon the innocent and broken truck. He curled up into a fetal position as he continued to think about what was to become of him.

"What should I do? Truck won't start, and I'm in the middle of freaking nowhere," Grey said tiredly as his body regained integrity. “I don’t think a cooler full of pop and a few bags of chips will let me survive for a few years while the rescue teams pick over this country with a fine comb…” Grey bitterly thought as he rolled to his other side.

Eventually, after beating himself up in his mind for a bit, Grey decided that he had to figure out his options. First, and least likely to work, was just to sit by his truck and attempt to feed upon any moving object in the general vicinity of the truck. Never being a hunter himself, Grey all but eliminated this option from his mind. A more appeasing and hopeful idea entered Grey’s mind after getting past the “Sit on your ass” tactic. He could wrap up his food and camping supplies and make a makeshift backpack out of it. Then, he could have a chance of getting some help, or better yet, getting to a town. The only problem with this situation was the direction issue.

Grey saw four different paths before him, each going in different directions. The first was in front of him. The dark-green forest stood before him, ominous and benevolent at the same time. He could easily find shelter in there, and maybe a few less hospitable animals as well. Grey looked at it and frowned as he imagined being eaten by some monster plant or whatever. Given his current circumstances, that wouldn’t be too far off from possible.

Then, there was a lake, far in the distance, shining to the West of him. Grey knew he had some supplies for fishing, so this thought was also welcomed into his mind. Well, if you count a shoelace, a random stick, and some gummy worms as a fishing apparatus, then he was well prepared. Grey would probably eat the bait himself before the fish even thought it was a palpable food.

Then, there was the meadow that stretched to the East of him. Small hills rose and fell from this direction, and Grey also saw the dirt path lead in that direction for a little bit before the foliage absorbed it. Therefore, Grey assumed there must be a settlement there… somewhere… Probably, given the abundance of people around him right now, that it was a ghost town or a crater. And Grey didn’t think ghost town food would be any better than gummy worms.

Then, Grey could backtrack into the mountains from which he came. He remembered seeing that lone cabin up there, which just had to belong to someone. If he rationed off his chips and pop carefully, he might be able to make it… Hopefully, there would be someone at the cabin, or at least some non-fuzzy food there, or he would be a very tired and hungry foreigner stuck in the mountains.

“Well damn, all these plans suck!” Grey kicked at a flower, which bounced back up easily. Grey was feeling quite a bit discouraged, until a little voice in his head piped up.

‘You always complain about how boring college work is, and how much you wanted to go camping!’

“Well, this isn’t really camping, now is it? I could freaking die out here!” Grey didn’t like the idea of camping when it involved a life or death situation.

‘You always wanted an adventure. And what’s a real adventure without a little danger?’

It did have a point in Grey’s mind. “Well, I have about three days of food in the truck. I don’t know how I can get out of here-”

‘Hey! Don’t argue! You have two choices. You can piss and moan about your adventure that you practically begged for your entire life, or you can embark on this little exploration of yours! It might even change your life,’ the voice said seductively to Grey.

“Your right! Well, I mean, I’m right… whatever. Anyway,” Grey was suddenly filled with ambition; his goal set in his mind. He was going to go on an adventure in the wilderness. His success would mean life, or the lack of it being death, which got Grey’s adrenalin flowing through his veins. This is the kind of adventure Grey had always dreamed about, striving each day to live on, fighting off beasts that threatened his way. Grey, having played many an RPG in his life, fondled the idea in his head, mulling it over and over.

Finally, after Grey had assembled his supplies into a rather large and awkward looking backpack made ingeniously of two socks, an old jacket, some shoelace string, and a few chip bags; it was time to decide which way to go. This decision would decide Grey’s fate, if he lives or dies, or if he finds pleasure or pain within the grasps of this wild world. What wonderful, or monstrous, creatures Grey encounters depends on your decision, Reader. Now, make your choice!

Which way should he go?

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