A Hunter’s Call

A Hunter’s Call

When demons and monsters walk the earth

Chapter 1 by SilverSpectre006 SilverSpectre006

Terracota, a once beautiful world filled with love and peace was cherished and envisioned, spoken highly of in ancient days. Ancient writing carved into the land still sing a tale of its many wonders, when angels and spirits shared the land and brought miracles and wonders to the mortals. New races were born and intermingled to lead peaceful lives of their own, Magic was discovered and harnessed, and civilizations had been forged. Kingdoms would reign across the wide lands, each claiming a plethora of men under its command. But there were no soldiers, for there was no such need. Conflict was unknown.

It is said that during these times, there was only one rule that the higher ones had given to the mortals. This Valhalla is yours, but the land of immortals you mustn’t cross. Doing so will break the sacred bond that binds us together, and will bring about birth of a new entity of the likes mankind had never seen before.

But peace wasn’t everlasting, nothing was. And in time, curiosity began its peak, catching the better of humanity. Word began to spread like wildfire, catching faster than disease as men’s heads began to fill with questions and demands, why were they unworthy to see this land of immortals. If the higher ones could bestow upon them so much, and ask for so few back, was it wrong to question this sole rule?

It is unknown whom it was that dared to step through, dared to do what the world asked not and step forward onto the land. The identity didn’t matter, not to them. Mankind broke the sacred law, rejected the gifts of the heavens and sealed our own hell.

Valhalla had fallen, from its ashes came forth a new being.


The land of immortals only allowed for the purest of forms to step upon its paces, but upon receiving the touch of man, a sinner, it’s impurity tainted the land and from it sprout corruption within. Clouds began to fill the sky and envelope the world, turning day into night. The moon began to weep tears of blood and coated the sky red. Angels had not been tainted and from its new being came forth the demons.

Angels turned into demons, animals evolved into beasts, and a new reign came forth as fiends walked among us and raided our homes, murdering and raping and pillaging the lives of man and others alike. All because curiosity proved too much for man to overcome.

Or so, the tales say.

Who knows if they were really carved there centuries ago as claimed or not? We’ve only faith to guarantee the truth in it. The way I see it, none of that matters now. The world hasn’t changed much to us, if we had one rule then we still carry one rule now.

Survival is key, only the strongest survive.

And the people had grown weak.

It was only a matter of time before warriors and skilled killers were created. Born and bred for combat, fit to rid us of these new monsters, we brought forth a new band of heroes to fight our battles for those of us too weak to stand.

We called them The Fiend Hunters.

Now, raising these soldiers was hard work and no poor feat, it proved rather costly in fact. As such, a payment was in order, have the village ring the Silver Bell to send the call for a hunter and one shall arrive, for a price. These Hunters fight long and hard, saving countless villages and kingdoms with their most appreciative work. Killing a Hunter became a thing of bragging sport for most evil entities and the loss of one would bring about the tears of all across the world, we owe our lives to these people after all. Their numbers may be short and their costs are high, but make no mistake these Hunters are efficient and will get the job done no matter the cost!

They are of the few defenses Terracota has to combat these fiends among us. Vampires, Demons, Monsters, Werewolves, no matter. The Hunter will make short work of them.

Do you hear it? The bell has been rung. Go now and answer the call.

A Hunter’s Call.

Create your Hunter.

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