'Fuck Quest': The Game

A multi-sensory adult virtual reality game

Chapter 1 by Robopoop Robopoop

After jumping through some financial hoops, I finally got myself that new adult virtual reality game that a lot of people was talking about. With a title like 'Fuck Quest' and the promise of some very good times in a VR world, one would expect the game to be quite popular. It is a slim looking piece of headwear with a closed visor that covered the eyes, fancy and futuristic looking, extremely light and head size adjustable with a strap. From my research, the technology that was put into such a device was something that was used in the military but had since been commercialized. Fuck Quest is the first of its kind (an adult game that is) that is publicly available. Made by popular VR game publisher, 'Visionsoft', it was sold out the night it was released. Ever since then, the people who had bought it, the people I know at any rate, were really enjoying themselves with it... in many different ways. Whether it was to get into the hype, being curious as to what it was all about or for whatever reason off the top of my head, the headset console was now in my hands.

All I had to do was get comfy, put it on, turn it on and the machine would send my consciousness into the VR servers after a short countdown. Standard VR procedure and stuff. Safety and hazards were minimal since the subscriptions required background health checks on record. In 'meat space', or proper reality, my body would be induced into a deep sleep while my mind interacts with the software. Time runs slower in VR. 30 real time minutes would pass and it could be days within the VR world. Every VR game in this age was full sensory interactive, which meant I could 'feel' whatever was happening to my avatar. In my previous experience with such things, it felt a lot like dreaming. Considering that Fuck Quest is an adult game, I had the feeling that this dream would be the wettest I might ever have.

After making sure I was not about to fall off wherever it was I chose to crash on, I flipped the switch, and with a dull hum, the machine came to life. Less than a minute later, I was out cold....

When I 'woke up', I found myself in the login lobby. It was a white room with a floating holographic console pad and a widescreen on the wall, showing the Fuck Quest title and the Visionsoft logo at the bottom. When I approached, an incredibly sexy disembodied voice welcomed me, asking for my password. After keying it into the console, the system recognized me as a new user and the voice went into the introductory spiel of what Fuck Quest was about with my prompting.

"Fuck Quest is a virtual reality experience where players can live out their dirtiest dreams from the safety of their own mind, either solo or among like minded players. Every aspect of the game is fully customizable, from the look of your avatar, to NPCs, to the environment around you. Bare in mind that public servers may limit customization options to preserve the experience of all players currently present, as well as specified limitations stated in the game's terms and services document. As a premium member, you will have access to your own private server, where you may run as a system administrator with unrestricted access to all the tools you need to create your own virtual world."

The screen in front of me flashed some of the game concepts. I had to admit that the tools to create and manipulate the game were quite phenomenal. Just about anything could be designed or changed from the get go. Some examples it explained to me were medieval fantasy games of the traditional gaming genre, with inventories, combat and a leveling system, social worlds where players get 'creative' with the game's customization engine or just hook up in general, and even shooters with interesting 'twists'. The public servers were general social worlds, and once I'm in, I could warp myself to any server lobby I want, albeit some private servers needing a password, or immediately move into my free virtual world for me to get busy.

"When you are ready, please design your avatar, and thank you for choosing Visionsoft."

Who are you and what does your avatar look like?

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