Interactive Porn
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Chapter 4 by boobboob boobboob

Get changed, or look around?

Look around, maybe there's something useful

This wasn't enjoyable. Every second you spent in your new body, you grew painfully aware of its weaknesses. Less strength to begin with, but you also ran out of breath so much faster that it wasn't even funny. Whoever created this body must've never heard of working out or doing cardio or whatever.

As you continue creeping around in your sister's bedroom, you spot a small box in one of her drawers. Could it be? Sleeping pills! Yes! Jackpot! You quickly make sure that there's enough inside, and then grab a small piece of paper to leave a message. "Hey sis! It's me! Don't try to wake me up, I took some sleeping pills. Lemme sleep for the next two days and I'll explain everything. Oh. Yeah. By 'it's me' I mean the cute girl that's sleeping on your bed, I am your brother, well I was your brother. Yeah it's complicated... you can ask later. I just need to wait out the... whatever. I'll explain later. xx"

Following that, you chug down four pills and lay down while rubbing your hands together in self-satisfaction. Moments before falling asleep, you check the time... one o'clock. Mhmm, sleep is going to feel good...




Ring ring, ring ring.

Ring ring, ring ring.

"Huh..." you groan as you get up with a sigh, your body tired and sluggish. You look back at the clock and see that it's just a few minutes past one o'clock. How's that possible? Almost no time passed!

Ring ring, ring ring.

You angrily pick up your sister's phone and shout an angry "WHAT??" only to receive a brief silence in response.

"Oh my, hello again dear!" you hear an unpleasantly familiar voice greeting you oh-so-cheerfully. "I see you didn't like the little game I wanted to play. You break my heart! I put so much effort into it! But no matter, I can understand that you were... shall we say... a little overwhelmed?" the lady on the phone explained.

"You turned me into a woman! You gave me tits! And the whole fertility thing, like, what did you think I would do? Randomly hook up with the first guy I find on TinDare?" you grumpily hiss back at her. "You should've let me sleep until the whole thing is over!"

"But what would be the fun in that? It was rather amusing, no? I thought it was! You seem to have a pretty solid stance against games however, so I decided to forego playing around and instead make things a little more interesting!" she explains which makes your heart drop a little. What did she have in mind this time?

"You see, rather than making it a game, we'll make it a reality! Within the next few minutes, you will forget that you used to be a man. Instead, we'll replace those memories of yours with ones that suit your new body! You will have a chance to find out what your whole life would've been like if you had been born as a girl! Unfortunately, that kind of curse lasts a couple more days than the first one I offered you. But to make it a little more fair to you, I've toned down your fertility a tad. You're very welcome!" she continued happily which made you mentally go through a list of every swear word that you could think of.

"Our deal is still the same as before, if any pesky sperm manage to find their way into your womb while you've got an egg waiting in there, it's over and you will be stuck that way. If you manage to avoid that fate, I'll promptly return your former body, and its memories, as soon as the time's up!"

"Now hold on a minute. I ain't agreeing to any of tha-" click


Beep, beep, beep

"Aww, come on..." you whine before putting the phone away.

(Author's note: I've had some ideas for this path, but considering it's straying away from the source material I'll wait and see if there's any interest. Hit the like button if you want more of this path, don't hit it if you want more of the original 48-hour restriction. Likes are pretty much the only way for me to know what kind of content people like or dislike. Thank you!)

You made the situation worse. What will you do next?

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