Yharnam Maddness

Yharnam Maddness

Can you survive the maddness?

Chapter 1 by GreenBean GreenBean

Welcome to Yharnam,

It is a large industrious city well into an age of industry, but not yet having shaken the old knowledge of its dark ages. It is now most well known for being the host of the Church of Blood.

The Church of blood, having been established and grown in to staggering influence since its inception a few decades ago, they superseded all other religions with their one true miracle, the Good Blood. Their blessing, one part medical, one part holy, would heal all ailments better than a month's rest. It relieved stress better than a dozen drinks and even invigorated the mind with new focus and clarity than a cup of coffee and full night's rest. It's potency even seemed to slow aging and even bring one back to their youthful vigor.

But the church also preached to be wary of the vile and beastly blood. These sins would inflict disease upon the body, warping them, making them less than men, into beasts and vermin. Men and woman alike could stand accusation of being a beast for being undignified and not having faith, but a public bloodletting and ministration of new blood could chase out this bad blood.

There is whispers on the streets where the curse of beasthood is more literal, of people turning into beasts and roaming bloodthirsty, attacking friend and foe alike. And in even more hushed tones, they whispered of hunters, who roam the streets at night, killing these beasts, and killing some before they ever showed the first signs of sickness.

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