Shipwrecked on an island, Johanna finds it not-so-deserted.

Chapter 1 by CxSeth CxSeth

The storm came out of nowhere. The ship’s white sails were billowing in the pleasant sea breeze, the sky was blue and peaceful, and the lookout hadn’t spotted another ship all day. Which was just as well, since Captain Johanna Stern was hoping to make good time getting back to the mainland. She had prisoners to deliver, her holds needed restocked, and, frankly, her crew needed to get laid. She had been sailing for well over a month at this point, and while the men of her crew were good and loyal men to the last, cabin fever was starting to set in.

All that seems irrelevant now. The storm was as vicious as it was sudden, and her ship is resting on the bottom of the ocean now. The last thing Johanna could remember before waking up on this beach was drifting in the choppy water, clinging to a piece of the shattered mast as she watched her ship, no, her very life capsize and sink down into the inky depths. After that, another black wave rose up to crash into her, and then there was only darkness.

And now she was here, lying on the sandy shore. Johanna’s initial examination of her surroundings revealed nothing but miles of beach, and a thick jungle starting about fifty yards inland.

Johanna cautiously stood up and examined herself. At 28, she was extremely young to be in command of a ship, but she was exceptional in every way. Her toned body testified to her years of training, her sharp blue eyes hinted at a powerful intelligence, and at 5’9”, she was fairly tall for a woman, a fact she always thought helped her stay in a commanding position with her crew. Of course, her healthy, well-rounded breasts and shapely ass didn’t hurt when it came to getting men to do what she wanted, either. Once she finished checking herself over, finding no major injuries, she turned her attention back to the situation at hand.

“Huh,” she asked aloud, to no one in particular, “What now?”

Search for other survivors? Scavenge for supplies? Or something else?

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