Wolves Haven

Wolves Haven

New Haven Same Old Problems and Meeting A New Wolf, While A Family Reunited And A Pack Is Born In The Woodlands Of Utah.

Chapter 1 by bam316 bam316

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This story starts right up after Chapter 61 of Fangs:Vegas where Paul and Brittney finally finds a place to call home here is the link to that story maybe this will fill all of you in where this picks up at ... https://chyoa.com/chapter/Master%E2%80%99s-Journey-to-Pay-It-Forward-And-Finds-A-New-Home-And-Revelation.411192

The Next morning as bird’s chirp and awoken Brittney and Paul Masters in their new home.

"Paul you wild animal you what if someone came here to see us both naked" Said Brittney.

Paul hugged his wife and said, "relax dear we are alone."

"I don’t believe we did that" Brittney Replied.

Paul kissed her lips and said "you know once the cubs are born however we have to set an example to them."

Brittney said "I know but still...." as they reached into their own bags and pulled out their sets of day clothes.

Brittney said so Wolves Haven my love I thought we were going to hide out here and build it upon refugees and or people who want to join us as Paul said I know dear besides werewolves who want to live their lives in peace will know where we are as soon as I ask Edward and his family to pass our information to people who looking for a way out as she rubbed her stomach and said my dear cubs this will be our legacy our home for you to be strong and live somewhat of a normal life as Paul kissed her belly and said, boys or girls, I don’t care I will love you no matter what as Brittney smiled and said OOOHHH look at the big bad wolf on his knees.

They both smelt gun oil as two cops said you are trespassing on private property as Paul said I got paperwork right here stating we are allowed here as the cop roughed him up against the cop car as Brittney said, Paul, as the other cop grabbed his mate and wife and said you too missy we will show outsiders to know your place.

Paul said be careful my wife is pregnant you asshole as the main cop smacked him with the Billy club and said I said shut it boy as Paul said to look in our bags as the cop said that’s it as they carted them off in the cop car and took them to lock up as the mayor came over to see the commotion as the cops said we found two trespassers on the old movie set.

Mayor Nichols said let me see who they are as they pulled out both Mr. and Mrs. Masters and said my my we meet again don’t we as the sheriff said you know them as Mayor Nichols said of course they are the new owners as she said uncuff them now as the sheriff said on what grounds mayor all we know is they are not from here as Savannah said last time I checked I was your boss not the other way around as they undid Paul’s and Brittney’s cuffs and said we are sorry.

Savannah said you two ok as Paul said nothing a couple bruised ribs can handle I worry about my wife’s mistreatment however found out last night she’s expecting as the Mayor saw red herself and said Sheriff Jenkins you roughed up a woman who expecting a child as he said I couldn’t tell if she was or not as Savannah said badge, gun now I grow tired of constant claims of abuse from other citizens of this town about you and now you indivertibly assaulted a pregnant woman as Paul said they didn’t know as Savannah said Sheriff this is your last mess up you hear me as he shook like a leaf.

Savannah said look I am so sorry for this as Paul said do not worry about them they didn’t know as Brittney said we didn’t wanted to cause trouble as Savannah said you sure as they both agreed not to press charges as Savannah said if they both do it again let me know ok as Paul smelt a familiar scent of another wolf nearby as Brittney said we will but right now we are just getting some supplies and amenities so we will speak with you later ok as Mayor Nichols said likewise as she walked into her office.

Brittney followed Paul’s Scent and said there you are as Paul said dear watch your step as the twenty-two-year-old man stood in defensive position as Paul said we are not here to hurt you as the man did an inhuman growl towards them Liars he bellows out as Brittney said calm down my husband and I just moved here ourselves we own the old movie lot please calm down as Brittney said I will be right back as she took a twenty and bought a medium rare steak from the grocery and returned.

Brittney said look I came back as the man who looked feral and was about ready to wolf out to attack as Paul said how long have you been hiding here as the man said for the past six months as Paul and you want to blow it because of us think and calm down as Brittney produce a steak and said here for you as the man started to calm down and began to tear into the meat as he kept a leery eye on the two new wolves in his presence as he said why help me you two don’t know me what if I tried to kill you two while you slept or passing me this food as Paul said you are acting tough to scare us but we are not afraid of you my dear friend we are just like you in so many ways as the Stranger said yeah right.

Paul said do you change when you get stressed, angry and or in the full moon as the man looked defeated yes, I wake up afraid to know if I am being hunted by everyone if I killed someone as Paul said my name is Paul this is my mate and wife Brittney Masters we are just like you we have a safe haven that you can come to call home if you like as the guy said why to help me.

Paul said because I had family who started out like friends help me and my wife and in return I want to pay it forward for our kind so what do you say as the man looked back at each of them I have not slept in a warm bed in a while so ok I’ll come under one condition if I do not like it or feel like I will mesh well I am gone as Brittney said we agree as he calmed down enough and said my name is Jake… Jake Peters from Di Moises Iowa I was attacked by random on a family vacation and been on the run ever since I turned and that was six months back what is wrong with me.

Brittney said my dear Jake you are now a lycanthrope… a werewolf…. a shapeshifter we ourselves too are the same but unlike you my dear I chosed this life to be with the man you see before you and will not ever regret the day I did so and before you ask there is no cure except using a silver bullet to end your life but I can tell you are strong and refuse to die like that as Jake timidly said yeah my parents instilled that you never resort to suicide all my life well my dear I am glad we have met as she reached out her hand as he shook it as Brittney said in time my dear Jake you will learn to accept your inner wolf as he then shook Paul’s in return and said thank you as Paul said anytime Jake let’s head home shall we.

Paul, Brittney, and Jake all came out of the alley way and continued to get supplies and by the time they were done Savannah was done and offered them a ride home as She asked who is the new stranger as Paul said he is with us going to help me with repairs while Brittney relaxes as Savannah said well if you need it let me know as they pulled into the town of Wolves Haven and said I see they got the power back on as they unloaded the car and said well Savannah you have a wonderful night and have a safe trip home as Paul, Brittney and Jake all gathered in the main house the Masters have chosen to call their own and said well it’s late if you like we can start working the next day as Jake said what is the goal here.

Paul said as Alpha of this community our plans are to give you and other a safe place to be yourselves and hunt as a pack and to live as a pack and grow as a family as Jake said I think I would love that now knowing I am not the only one out there alone and afraid as he said good night as he was about to head out as Paul said where you going as Jake said sleeping outside as Brittney said no you will not as they led him up the stairs and said Pick a room for tonight as Jake said Hmmm this room looks nice and spacious as he settled in and said get a good nights rest we start at dawn as he closed the door and laid down on the bed and passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Brittney and Paul said wow what a day my dear almost get arrested and end up meeting a newborn he will need a lot of help as Brittney said I know but I have faith in us my dear I can sense good in his wolf as Paul said so do I, my dear, as they led each other to the main bedroom and laid themselves down and cuddled each other as they too felt the exhaustive sleep took over as Brittney’s tummy grew slightly in the night making her smile within her sleep knowing they are free and safe as they slumbered.

What is Next For the Master's and their new Friend on Day Two

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