Win or lose

Can you survive unscathed

Chapter 1 by Jrichards9903 Jrichards9903

In an earth very similar to our own. Except everyone over the age of 18 can take part in games. Once you turn 18 a device is put on your arm similar to a wristband. This allows you to challenge and take part in bets. Anyone can choose to decline your offer but decline to many and they might face a fierce penalty. (Inspired by Shoubu university). Challenges are not just limited to one on one but can range from groups of friends to whole teams facing off against one another. According to the founders of this technology the only limitation to the prize is your imagination. Allowing things beyond your wildest dreams become a reality. For example you could win a game against your friend and turn them from a boy into a girl. You could also make them obey your every command. However there are certain people who have a blue wristband that can modify games allowing them to essentially referee. This allows certain players to be penalized for trying to cheat.

Please feel free to add to the story or create your own characters.

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