The Witch's Reward

The Witch's Reward

One good deed.

Chapter 1 by CLITaurus CLITaurus

(Author's note: Remember to customise the name if you don't want everyone to call you John Doe)
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When you woke up this morning you had no idea how your life was about to change. You showered, dressed, ate breakfast and were out the door, headed for the bus stop, with time to spare.

As you walked along the familiar route you were surprised and horrified to see an old woman with a cart full of junk crossing the main road, seemly oblivious to the traffic and especially the truck that was barrelling toward her.

You never thought of yourself as the hero type but you weren’t about to watch an old woman get killed. Without really thinking you rushed out onto the road and pushed her out of the way. To you amazement the truck or any of the cars on the busy road struck neither you nor her. Even her shopping cart avoided being hit rolling into the gutter on the side of the road.

Once you felt you were safe you looked at her. It was at that point the smell hit you. She stunk to high Heaven. She was also uglier than sin, and looked as old as dirt. She also seemed angry at you.

“Wonderful” she said, her tone making it clear she felt it was just the opposite “It looks like I owe you my life. I hate owing people. Tell you what, how about I give you something valuable and we call it square. I mean it’s either that or I have to hang around you until I save your life.” She smiled a smile full of rotten broken teeth and cunning.

"Umm I'll take the first option" you said

"Good choice" she said going over, reaching into her cart and pulling out ...

What does she give you? (also what is your gender and sexual orientation)

More fun
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