The Midnight Visitor

The Midnight Visitor

A wet dream becomes reality.

Chapter 1 by Miyuki Miyuki

The breeze from the window in your room keeps you cool, you've kicked your covers off, the summer heat being almost unbearable to sleep soundly in. You writhe in your bed from the images of your dream. You're cock is hard and a beautiful young woman is sucking hungrily at your enlarged member, she moans as she sucks from the tip down to the shaft, squeezing your balls. You arch your back ready to climax but wake up before you can be fully satisfied.

Frustrated you wipe the sweat from your brow and glance at the clock, it reads midnight, it's hot in the room and you're certain you are not getting back to sleep anytime soon. Your cock aches from the dream and it feels like something wet and soft is sucking at the tip, letting out a moan you decide to finish off what the dream started. Reaching down you suddenly realize you're not the one stimulating your hard member, sitting up and looking down you see your engorged cock in someones mouth, and they're looking right back at you.

Who is it?

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