The Magic BJ Watch

A watch that can turn women into blowjob sluts and alter time.

Chapter 1 by C_The_Magician C_The_Magician

You are Luke. You obtain the magic watch from the inventors and even helped develop it. Your lifetime of working for the CIA led to them selecting you to test their product. Some inventors call it "state of the art technology," but you know the truth that there was some supernatural magic involved in the process.

The watch looks ordinary, you wear it on your wrist and no one would bat an eye to it. But you can fiddle the switches and adjust it for "time travel" and "basic manipulation." You briefly tested the time travel affect and turned out it could only travel back your lifetime, even reversed your age when jumping back; the time travel worked, but was buggy since it didn't allow you to go places you never visited at that age.

The secondary function allowed you to fire a laser from the watch and whomever it hit would go into a trance-like state where they become submissive and obedient. The CIA's plan was to mind control terrorist and enemies of the country, but you discovered that the mind manipulation was limited. For some reason, it only worked on the female mind and, while it did make them submissive when shot, it also gave them an insatiable desire to suck your dick. Since they were in a hypnotic state, they didn't retain any memory of their control.

Fiddling with the watch, you discovered another option. You saw your reflection in a mirror and with the flip of a switch, you changed into a woman; was you, but only a female version of you, and could easily change back.

The watch was limited and needed more work. You knew you needed to report back your findings, but then you got the crazy idea...I can change genders if I want, turn females into blowjob sluts, and reverse my own time. Should I turn it in or have some fun first?

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Should I have some fun first?

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